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We, in America, are a people who feed and dress our pets as if they were kings.  Meanwhile, we share the planet with millions of people who haven’t had a meal in days and don’t even have a pair of shoes–people who watch their children die, in front of their eyes, for lack of a few pounds of rice.

But the day is coming to us, that the hunger in their belly will drive grown men to fight to the death for a can of dog food.  Because of our rebellion and sin, we will find out what life is like, without the blessing of God.

In your pride, you think you got where you are all by yourself.  Well, as requested, by an overwhelming majority, God is going to depart from America.  You’ll get to see how far you can get without His blessing.  Hopefully you’ll realize that He was a lot more involved in your life and circumstances than you ever thought possible.

When you have had enough of sin, enough of trying to make it on your own, without God, look Him up.  His door is always open.  Well, for a little while longer anyhow . . .


God Damn America?
Unconditional Salvation?


American church, you have lost your way!  You are a ship, adrift at sea, cut loose from your moorings.  Great storms are coming, yet you have been rocked to sleep and are drifting unaware into the eye of the hurricane.

You call your prophets alarmists, and in your hearts you mock the messages God sends to you.  You shun words of correction, but chase after those who will flatter you and say what you want to hear.  You adore those who tell you that you can live as you wish and still inherit the kingdom of God.  (In this case, who is the God, and who is the servant?  By living this way, you exalt yourself to be God and relegate God to the position of a genie who grants your wishes whenever you rub his bottle in prayer!) You pick and choose what to believe, casting aside whatever doesn’t suit you.

Some of you have ‘chosen God’ as a means to wealth, power, unlimited blessings, unending grace and supernatural protection.  I’m not just speaking to the leaders!  Most of you see Christianity as the way to a blessed life here on Earth.  What will you do if He takes it all away?  If He strips you to your bare skin and all you have left is His outstretched hand and His invitation to walk with Him?

God is fully able to keep those who want to walk with Him.  He will guide them so that they stay on the path, and help them up when they stumble.  But, unlike the adversary, God holds no man against his will.

When you, who are Christians, choose to live in sin, you abuse the generosity of God and insult his gift of grace.  If you continue to live that way, His anger will burn hot against you.  You were chosen to be a cleansing, preserving salt, and a light of wisdom and hope to the world around you.  Many of you are neither.  Of what use are you then to God?  Step aside and let another take your place, lest He sweep you away in His anger!

You have been given the choicest meats, the finest grain, the most fertile and beautiful lands, yet you take it all for granted!  Many of you even think you deserve it.  On what grounds?  What makes you any better than the man in India who will never sleep one night in a bed?  Or the filthy little orphan children who dig their food out of a garbage dump, and are never rocked to sleep in the arms of a loving parent?

Don’t you know you are balanced on the head of a pin?  All that you hold dear was given you by the grace of God–yet  how many of you even remember to thank Him?  If a little breeze should blow, you would topple to the ground!  God chooses who to humble, and who to exalt.  Don’t make the mistake of thinking your position is secure!!

Do not practice sin, it will not release you from its grip. Make no mistake, it is ‘him who endures to the end’ who shall be saved.  If, after knowing Christ, you resume a life of sin–there is no sacrifice left that will cover your sins!

Examine your heart and your motives!  Do you really love God, or merely the gifts He gives His children?  At dusk, He will come and take His children by the hand.  They will gather up their toys and take them from you, then they will head for home.  All that will be left for you is silence, and the vision of their backs as they walk away into the deepening night.

If you have let your zeal for God grow cold, if you are living a life of sin, BEWARE!  You are standing on the edge of the abyss!  You are in very real danger of eternal damnation!

It is not that God cannot forgive your sin, it is that you may soon be unable to repent–unable to feel sorrow, shame or regret, or to even summon the motivation to seek forgiveness!

Sin deceives you, sears your conscience, takes away all shame and modesty, hardens your heart and mind, and closes your ears to the invitation of God to return to Him!  You don’t know which stab of guilt will be the last you feel–which will be your final call to repent, before sorrow can no longer penetrate the hardness of your heart, and ceases to strive with you, leaving you to practice your sin unbothered.

Don’t be deceived, God is not mocked–a man reaps what he sows.

A ‘Sleeper’ Doctrine?

‘Buy Gold From Me . . . ‘ (Jesus, To The ‘Lukewarm Church’)





Although Obama claims to be a Christian, he definitely is not.  By his voting record, you can see.  He not only approves of abortion, he promotes it!!  Although political correctness demands that we allow a woman her ‘right to choose’, ABORTION IS A SIN AND A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!! If you are a Christian, and you have ANY problem whatsoever with that statement, you had better get on your knees before God and repent!

Abortion, Are You SURE You Have The Right?

But, this blog is not about abortion. It is about islam . . . and about Obama.   Our president is a man who claims all religions, yet practices none.  However, I believe he has a special place in his heart for islam.

Presidential Admissions (short video)

Islam is the most foul, blasphemous thing I have ever seen.  Every word I hear from the Koran makes me either want to laugh (because of how transparent it is in regards to who ‘inspired ‘ it), or vomit (because of the blasphemy).  Every word of that vile text came straight from the mouth of satan himself!!  And mohammed–he was demon possessed, just like hitler after him, who rose up in the same image and manifestation of satan.

I recently posted a blog on the koran   Warning To America: THE KORAN which I can’t even bear to read, it is so vile.

From what I have learned about islam, it seems very probable that The Antichrist is a muslim caliphate (the equivalent of a muslim pope).  However, I have two reasons to question that:

  1. What I understand from scripture, so far, is that the kingdom of The Antichrist will be attacked by two coalitions of predominantly muslim countries.
  2. I know, from history, that satan plays both extremes.

Just as demons perform a little show of allowing themselves to be exorcised by cross wielding Catholic priests, so can satan be the puppetmaster behind both an islamic caliph and the caliph’s archrival–whoever that may prove to be.  Don’t be so drawn into the drama that you see his archrival as a savior!  Just because someone is the enemy of your enemy, DOES NOT necessarily mean he is your friend!!

Satan wants to make it appear that there are many roads to righteousness and one road to damnation.  He will unite all religions together under the banner of ‘tolerance’ of the Antichrist, and he will proclaim Jehovah God, Creator of All, to be the source of damnation.  (This means unrelenting persecution and murder of Jews and Christians by the rest of the world.)

In fact, the reverse is true– Jehovah God is the only source of truth and salvation.  Allah IS NOT God, nor are any of the many other gods and ‘prophets’ who are worshiped by men.  Jesus (God) came to earth as a man, led a sinless life, died on the cross to pay for OUR sins, and ascended into heaven on the third day.  He is now seated on the throne in Heaven, awaiting the day (before this generation passes away) that He will return to Earth, defeat the armies of the wicked, pour out God’s wrath upon the evil, and take the throne on Earth, to rule over all mankind.  (Even so, come Lord Jesus.)

The man we have elected to run our country has his own agenda: to run America into the ground, to totally destroy her, to enslave her people, and hand her over to her enemies.  And God has willed it so–unless we repent!! We can fight Obama all we like, and cry out to God for help and deliverance but, unless we repent, it ain’t gonna happen!!

God Damn America?

I hate islam!!  But:

  • It’s not the only danger we are facing.
  • It is only one face of evil on a multiheaded beast.
  • It doesn’t necessarily mean you are my friend if you hate it too.
  • It doesn’t mean you are holy by virtue of fighting it.
  • It doesn’t make you my savior, or the messiah, if you deliver me from it.


  • The suffering islam would bring to America, may be one of the plagues God uses to cause our nation to repent.
  • Without repentance, we are in very real danger of being subject to sharia law (among other things, women will lose their rights, our children will be lost to vile islamic ideology, and amputations and executions will be the punishment for breaking the law).
  • The road, that takes us from where we are now, to sharia law, is one of many horrors and extreme suffering.

God loves us, is grieved if we choose this road and wishes, with all His heart, that we would repent instead!!

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West

Absolutely Not!!  God inspired, established, and has protected America for over 200 years!  BUT . . . WE have damned ourselves!

The man we have elected to run our country, is a man whose agenda is to run America into the ground, to totally destroy her, and hand her over to her enemies.  And God has willed it so–unless we repent!! We can fight Obama all we like, and cry out to God for help and deliverance, but unless we repent, it ain’t gonna happen!!

Repent of what? In no particular order, and definitely not all-inclusive, the practice, protection and/or promotion of:

  • denial and rejection of God
  • abortion
  • homosexuality
  • cheating (financially, academically, in marriage, etc.)
  • abandonment of family
  • rejection of marriage
  • basing decisions on economics (rather than morality)
  • greed
  • exploitation
  • self-exaltation
  • disrespect
  • dishonesty
  • arrogance
  • pornography
  • pedophilia
  • incest
  • vengeance
  • violence
  • murder
  • sexual perversion
  • profanity and vulgarity
  • abdication of personal responsibility
  • abuse of drugs and alcohol
  • abdication of parental responsibility

If you say we are a Christian nation, you are deceiving yourself!  Our sin and greed have risen to such gigantic proportions that they are the face of America that the rest of the world knows us by!  Yes, there are many Christians in America–and many kind and generous people.  Yes, the motives of the majority of the American people, towards the rest of the world, have been honorable.  BUT–we have let the actions of a minority represent how we relate to the rest of the world, and they have not treated the rest of the world with Christian love.

Our big businesses, multinational corporations, and government are in bed together.  Together, they have misused their power, by plundering the earth and exploiting the poor around the world.  They have meddled in the affairs of other nations, even to the extent of determining who the leaders of other nations should be, arming and funding resistance movements,  assassinations, etc.!  All this in the name of ‘defending American interests’.  Nonsense!  It was never our right to do such things!  It was motivated by greed!

But this is only one facet of our nation’s sinfulness.  The stench of our depravity here at home is appalling!!  Unfortunately, this is all exported too! In the form of Hollywood movies, television, and slick advertising campaigns, we market our vile, depraved culture, along with our products, to people all over the world.

I am talking to the churches in America, because God’s covenant is with us, not with the unbelievers. He placed us here to be ‘salt’ and ‘light’ to the world.  Yet, is our influence holding back decay or illuminating the sin around us?  Are we using our God-given authority to wage war on evil, when it sprouts up in our nation?  I don’t think so . . .

Make no mistake, we are the ones God holds accountable.  He has given us freedom and a system of government that allows us to determine our course and to choose our leaders.  Therefore, we are completely responsible.  Rather than take part in our government, most of us have abdicated the responsibility and gone about our lives, looking to our own interests.  It is said, that we get the leaders we deserve.

How many of you can still discern evil?  Our senses have become so dull, our consciences so seared, that we don’t even recognize vile sinfulness when it is standing right in front of us!!

After 9/11 ‘God Bless America’ signs were everywhere.  Unfortunately, I couldn’t make that prayer my own.  How can we expect God to bless, for even one day, a nation that offers its children as sacrifices to the god of personal convenience?  Yes women have the right to choose–whether to be celibate or promiscuous, whether to use contraception or not!  Once a sperm and an egg fuse, a person exists!  From the moment of conception, that person has GOD GIVEN rights!  Your rights do not extend to taking the life of another–regardless of who you are!!

Another vile and grievous sin that America practices, protects, and promotes is homosexuality.  People used to be wise enough to know that God did not create a man’s body to be penetrated by another man.  The very idea of such a thing used to disgust people, but not these days.  Perhaps if we didn’t have the modern conveniences of toilet paper, antibiotics, soap, and sexual lubricants, that would be more readily apparent.  Regardless, we do still have the Word of God that tells us this behavior is an abomination in the eyes of God.

Pornography has played a HUGE role in the collapse of the family, the exponential increase in every type of sexual perversion, and violence against women, children and young men.  It has gone from being a closet sin to being mainstream among young adults.  Today, many young women aspire to be porn stars, while others are lining up to be ‘exotic dancers’ and prostitutes.  We have lost all shame and personal modesty.  Women have become brazen and vulgar, young children are promiscuous and sexually violent, and even straight men talk about having ‘man crushes’ on other men.

How many of you are grieved by the disrespect that is so rampant today?  Even nice Disney films have been remade, and updated, with characters that have a disrespectful, belligerent attitude.  Children don’t respect adults, women don’t respect men, and a good many of us don’t respect authority!  But, then again, adults don’t respect children, men don’t respect women, and those in authority don’t respect the people they oversee.  Our culture is in shambles.

Not only is each of us ‘out for himself’, but many have come to regard themselves as gods, goddesses, and divas!  If we acknowledge God at all, most of us don’t submit to His authority!  Our personal, and national, arrogance is unbelievable!

Do you realize that lying is listed alongside murder as a sin that will exclude you from the Kingdom of Heaven?  Yet, we take it so lightly.  Take the time, next time you watch TV, to analyze the programs and the commercials in terms of what values and sins they promote.  If you watch it objectively, and don’t get caught up in the drama, I think you’ll quickly be amazed at what a powerful tool television is in molding social values.  I think it will be eye-opening for you to see what a strong cultural pressure there is for people to be deceitful.

I may be wrong, but I propose that when people continually practice dishonesty, they lose the ability to discern the truth from a lie.  (Can you see how this will further the acceptance of the man of lies–The Antichrist–when he comes on the scene?  What I understand from Scripture is that Israel, America, and many European nations will be among those that embrace him–his kingdom may even take root here first.)

Why do churches back away from speaking out against sin?  From being involved in politics?  My theory is that it was primarily because churches were allowed tax exempt status, but could lose it if they got involved politically.  To me, that is a clear choice between serving God or serving money.  It may not have been readily apparent at the time, nevertheless, here we are now.

And indeed, here we are now–and we still have a choice! Every church has the option of giving up their tax exempt status and being unfettered in what they say!  But how many have the courage to do so?

Shame on those who have sold out!  What will it profit you to have the most grandiose church, the longest list of members, the most offerings in your coffers, if the truth and the presence of God are absent from your midst? The day is coming that the blood of martyrs will be upon your altars.  For it will be you that betrays your brothers to death, you that delivers up the ones that hold to the truth,  because it pierces your heart and you can’t bear it, it puts you in danger with the authorities and you can’t abide that.  Therefore upon your altars, as a witness against you, those who hold to the truth will be slain.  Their blood will soak your carpets and splatter your walls, and the stain of it will never be removed.

America has rejected God.  Yes, the churches too.  We have repeatedly allowed our religious expression to be limited.  We have retreated from the conflict time and again.  (No wonder the jihadists believe our God is weak–our resolve and faith in Him certainly is!)

You can justify it by saying that we’ve lost battles and the laws have changed, and that we are just following the new laws (unfortunate as they may be).  That certainly illustrates a lack of zeal and commitment to God.  Would you yield so readily if someone told you that you couldn’t claim your spouse and kids on your tax return?  Or if they limited how may miles a week you could drive your car?  We don’t easily surrender what really matters to us!

Our sin and apathy are creating a perfect environment for the kingdom of the Antichrist.  Do we really want to create a place where he can feel welcome to set up shop?

Stop trying to blend in with our Godless culture!  Repent!!  Live right!  Stop trying to appease the ungodly!  Speak the truth!  Pray at meals and meetings when you feel led.  Decorate for Christmas if you want!  Go to jail if you must, but stand up for your God!  Don’t you know He’ll stand with you?

We have allowed unbelievers to remove God from America.  So, as requested, He has withdrawn from us somewhat.  He allows things to befall us that He would have protected us from in the past.  He is giving us small glimpses of what it will be like if He withdraws from us completely.  Yet, when disasters befall us, rather than consider our relationship to God, we summon our pride.  ‘We’re tough’, we say, ‘what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.’  And we become even more hardened and entrenched in our sinfulness!!  How much will we have to suffer, before we truly repent?

Our  nation is standing on the verge of collapse.  Many forces are gathering against us.  Our economy is deliberately being destroyed.  Our leaders are betraying us. Our international enemies are expanding their militaries and forging coalitions.  Like a pack of wolves silently surrounding us, stealthily creeping forwards, great calamities are approaching.

Our enemies, used to encountering God’s wall of protection around us, are cautiously probing and testing.  If we go from the status of a nation that was so blessed and protected, to one that is left wide open to its enemies–expect the attacks to be horrific!  Not only have our actions provoked hatred towards us from among the nations, but so has our position of being blessed and favored by God!  What a terrible, terrible thing it will be, to fall into the hands of our enemies–but even that pales in comparison to the judgements that God will pour out upon us Himself, when He returns.

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PLEASE Wake Up!!

I am including a link to a very important post on a blog I have been following for several months.  Please read it! It covers what currently is a very likely future scenario for America in regards to China, our borrowing, the value of the US dollar, and your family’s freedom and welfare.


China is trying to put pressure on Obama in regards to the excessive spending required by his new policies, and the decision to simply print more dollars as a response to our economic crisis, but he is responding defiantly. Why is this a problem?  If you aren’t aware–most of our national debt is owned by China, followed by Japan.

Japan is a friend of the US and I have not heard one objection raised, or warning given in relation to the amount of our debt that they hold.  China, however, is a communist country that does not share the same values as America.  While China has not acted aggressively towards America, that does not mean they are ‘safe’.

It is a peculiar American trait that we assume everyone to inherently have the same values, dreams and motivations that we have.  They don’t.  We tend to have a naivete towards others, imputing a character of loyalty, altruism, and generosity to them, until experience proves otherwise.  However, this assessment may  not be accurate.  We also assume that we are perceived, by others, to have those character traits, and that is often not true.

The result of this can be a very big  difference in the perception of our relationship, by the US and whoever the other party may be.  As anyone who speaks a second language knows, you cannot simply translate the words into the hearer’s language and get the intended message across.  It is important to have some understanding of the values, beliefs and taboos of the other party.  It may also be good to have an idea of how they perceive you.  Without taking these things into account, you blunder along like a bull in a china shop.

All that is to say, I don’t believe we should automatically trust the Chinese government (which is both communist and oppressive towards its people).  Especially not when the balance of power is not equal (such as us owing them HUGE amounts of money).  Nor should we assume they are our friends because they ‘were nice enough’ to loan us money when we wanted it.

As soon as we borrowed from them, the balance of power shifted.  They have leverage over us, proportional to the amount we are indebted to them, and compounded by our present inability to pay the balance in full.  Does that make sense?

Just in case, I’ll try to give an example.  Let’s pretend you have a guy you work with, that you get along fairly well with, but sometimes things are a little tense.  He’s quiet and a bit moody, and you have a feeling that you don’t see eye to eye on everything, but he never really comes out and says when he disagrees.  Let’s say that the positions you hold make you competitors within the workplace–not an outright contest, but an awareness that your superiors are always evaluating you against one another.  But, all in all, everything is on an even keel.

Now lets say you’re short on lunch money one day, and he offers to loan it.  You agree and pay him back the next day.  From time to time occasions arise that you borrow a little bit and repay it, then, over time, you find yourself borrowing more money and more often.  Eventually it becomes a habit, and you start borrowing in order to make investments, even gambling a bit.

Long story short, one day you borrow a lot of money from him and sink it into a VERY risky investment because the possible gain is incredible.  He finds out and expresses concern, because he expects you to repay him in a couple of weeks–like you promised.  An honest assessment shows that you are deeply indebted, to someone you don’t know well, who has the ability to undercut you or sabotage you in your career.  Hopefully you wake up and realize because, at this point, and difficult as it may be, you can restore the balance of power between you, and safeguard your career.

There are a couple of ways you can do this.  You can withdraw the money from the risky investment and repay him in full, or you can sell some of your company stock and use that money to repay him in full.  Just having the ability to do so makes the balance of power equal.

However, if you don’t have any stocks or other means to repay him immediately, and if you can’t withdraw from the risky investment, you are on very shaky ground.  EVERYTHING depends on the success of your risky investment.

That, obviously, creates a great deal of stress for you and between you, until you learn the outcome of your investment.  The longer that drags out, the more uncomfortable he may become, and the more pressure he may put on you.  Because you both know you presently have no means of getting out of the deal between you (the short-term loan), he has all the leverage and can change the terms as he chooses, threaten you, or pressure you to do other things. (Blackmail is another illustration of an imbalance of power).

Living with that level of stress, and worry over any number of unknown actions he can take, really can make your life unbearable.  And God forbid that your investment not pay off as you had hoped. . .

That is what it can be like to live with an imbalance of power, in a relationship with someone you don’t know you can trust.  And that is where the United States currently is in her relationship with China–if an honest assessment is to be made.

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update 1/7/11:

USA, China, Russia and the New START  Treaty

Collapse of US States?

I keep hearing that different states are going broke.  Ok, sounds scary, but my question is: what does that mean?  What happens when a state goes broke?

I guess it could play out in a lot of different ways, depending on what the people in that state’s government decide.  I’m no expert on how government works, so I don’t even want to speculate.  However, apparently a decision maker in one of the states in peril (California), had actually checked the US Constitution to see if the state could go back to territorial status  (CA never was a territory, although most states were).  I don’t know whether this is an option for these states or not.

Apparently there are four types of territories, depending on whether they are ‘incorporated’ or not, and ‘organized’ or not.  The type that looks the most likely to me, if a state should yield its sovereignty, is the ‘unincorporated organized territory’.  Today, this type is represented by:

That gives you an idea, if a state becomes a territory (if that is even an option), of the potential status of its citizens.  If you click on the links above, you will find more info on the type of government each of these territories has.

Here’s something to consider if you value the right to free speech, to peaceful assembly, practice of religion, right to bear arms, etc.:

‘The Supreme Court ruled that territories belonged to, but were not part of the United States. Therefore, under the Territorial clause Congress had the power to determine which parts of the Constitution applied to the territories.’

What is common to all territories is that their citizens, while residents in that territory, cannot vote in presidential elections (but can vote in primaries), and they have one non-voting representative to the US House of Representatives.  (That delegate can, however, vote on matters while they are ‘in committee’.)

Otherwise, government of an organized territory roughly parallels the government of a US state.  In general, an  ‘organized’ territory has (or is permitted to have) its own constitution, (appointed or elected) governor, legislature, law enforcement and courts.

They say every cloud has a silver lining–although Nancy Pelosi would probably still hold her post in the House of Representatives, and could talk as much as she wanted, she wouldn’t be able to vote on bills!

No, not really, unfortunately.  The people in power don’t play fair, nor do they ever cede their power.  You can be sure they would make some kind of provision for each state-turned-territory to retain their privilege of having voting representatives.

One other thing I suspect, is that they would not let the opportunity go to waste to take federal ownership of the land and resources of any states that go this route (if that doesn’t already, automatically happen).  In fact, the federal government would pretty well have the leverage to force the state to comply with whatever terms they laid down for them, in exchange for granting their request.

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Incidentally–I wonder if the huge number of illegal immigrants in California may have had anything to do with its financial collapse . . .

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