We are in a war!  It is a war in the spirit realm–a war between Christians and Satan.  The prize is the kingdom of Earth–where all mankind will be united under one leader.

The first ruler of this earthly kingdom will be The Antichrist.  He will make war on Israelites and Christians, because he can’t stand to have any opposition.  At the same time, there will be various wars, struggles, disasters, etc. on Earth, as this spiritual war manifests itself in the physical realm.  If you aren’t aware that, behind it all, there is one war in the spirit realm, you will probably be seeing many seemingly unrelated things happening.  You may be confused about many things, even if you study Biblical prophecies.  (In addition to Bible prophecies often being vague and confusing, Satan is actively creating as many other teachings, interpretations and explanations as he possibly can.)

What is important to remember is this:  The war is in the spirit realm.  The war is being fought directly between Christians and Satan, for control of the kingdom of mankind on earth.The only way you can fight this battle is by relying on Jesus.

Many of the details of what happens in the physical realm are given in the Bible.  However, little is specified about what is happening in the spirit realm.  I will give my best interpretation and opinions–based on my study of the Bible and being a Christian for nearly 30 years.

We are told in the book of Ephesians that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but spiritual powers of darkness.  We have to remind ourselves that what we see is only a small part of what is real.  The small part we see may not help us understand the unseen any more than a single leaf can give us a clear understanding of a tree.  The only way to see the whole picture is to study God’s Word and pray for understanding.

The book of Revelation tells that, when Satan was still in Heaven, the angels that were loyal to God fought him and the angels that had ‘crossed over to the dark side’.  Satan and his angels ‘were not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven’.  Then they were cast down to Earth. (Woe to us, because he is filled with fury since he knows his time is short).

The book of Daniel tells us that The Antichrist (empowered by Satan) will wage war against Christians and will be defeating them (in the physical realm), until the Lord comes and pronounces ‘judgment in favor of the saints of the Most High’ (Christians),who are then given the kingdom.

Just as earthly soldiers fight wars for their country, while their leader isn’t on the front lines-so will Christians fight to win the kingdom for God, while their  king-to-be (Jesus) waits in the wings.

If you are someone who has heard or read Bible prophecies, you’re probably going to think that’s wrong, because you know that Jesus will come to Earth and fight in the physical realm when he returns–before he is enthroned as king.  BUT, remember, the war I’m talking about is in the spiritual realm.  Jesus comes for the ‘mop up’ , so to speak (in the physical realm).

It is up to us,  who live on Earth, to do spiritual battle for the spiritual title to the kingdom of mankind on Earth.  So far, Satan and fallen man have the title, and are holding it firmly.  This is because we are not fighting in the spiritual realm, and Satan is walking all over us!!

Most Christians are content to ‘live and let live’ with regards to evil.  That is not God’s plan.  We are to be active in engaging and fighting evil, remembering that what we see in the physical realm is the fruit, while the roots are found in the spirit realm.  We need to go to the spirit realm to dig out the roots.  In order to battle in the spirit, we need to live holy lives.  Indeed, living a holy life is spiritual battle.  In some unseen way, it tips the balance of power towards the side of good.

Now, none of us is good, and none of us can live holy or do spiritual battle on our own.  It is only through depending on Jesus that we can do anything.  But it is important that we be doing spiritual battle.  We ARE in a war, like it or not.  Either we fight, or we surrender–every day.

So, where are we at right now?  We are in a spiritual battle with Satan, with glimpses of it, here and there, in the physical realm.  I believe that, because we have not been living holy lives, the balance has tipped in favor of Satan.  So much so in fact, that soon he will be able to pretty much unite the world under one puppet leader (The Antichrist) that he will choose, enthrone and empower.

Once The Antichrist is in place, God will allow him to have authority for three and a half years.  During this time he will do his best to win over everyone on Earth.  Those that he can’t charm, he will threaten.  In a continued escalation of force, those who are unmoved by his threats, he will persecute.  When that doesn’t work, he will punish and/or and execute.

Although he is blindly narcissistic and egotistical, I believe there may be another reason he puts so much effort into winning people over.  I think the worship he receives, from those he causes to submit to him, gives him more spiritual power.  (I also believe that dying for what you believe is very powerful in the spirit realm.  This could be a reason that he doesn’t simply execute his opposition at the outset.)

After some time of his ‘winning’ in the physical realm, by killing many Christians (in the physical realm we consider it a loss to die in battle), the balance of spiritual power shifts.  At the appointed time, God ‘calls the match’–in favor of the Christians. We are told that the Christians overcame Satan by the blood of Christ, their testimony, and by being willing to die for Him (and, of course, many did).

I think it may also be, in addition to the number of martyrs, that after real persecution sets in, the veil of deception we’ve been living under is lifted and we are able to stop denying the spiritual war we are in–and we get serious about living for God and fighting evil.

One other point, and word of warning I have to make:  Only those who fight will win.  If you fight to the end, without giving in or giving up, you win.  The days of being able to ‘sit on the fence’ spiritually are almost over.  You will get off the fence, or you will be knocked off the fence soon.  If you choose ‘God’s side’, you will have to fight–you cannot be on His side and ignore the battle.  If you choose God’s side, you have to live holy, and that is half the battle!

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