While I haven’t been here at my cyberspace truth pitstop, I’ve been out on my own little truth journey through the worldwide web.  The Lord led me to a most interesting pitstop, which I have included in my  links (The Watchman’s Cry).

A lot of things that the Lord had revealed to me were confirmed there–and He is revealing more to me, in answer to my prayers.  I’ll share one interesting little item with you:

‘We Know In Part And We Prophesy In Part’

Fulfilled, in my life, in two ways.

  1. ‘And that ain’t the half of it!’ None of us knows the complete picture.  We each only know a part of it.  None of us has the complete interpretation of all the prophecies.  He shows each of us, only a part.  Like an orchestra, each of us doing our part produces the whole.  Don’t think any one man is the source of all your answers!
  2. ‘Write what you know.’ That was His word to me, in response to my concerns that there is so much I don’t know.  ‘Just write what you know.’  And as I have done so, He has been with me and has guided me, telling me things I didn’t know, as I write.  Filling in the blanks, so to speak.  My own knowledge forms the bare bones outline–His Spirit provides the substance, the style, and the intent, and weaves it together into a message that (I pray) will speak to you personally.  Part of what I ‘speak’ is what I know, part of it is prophecy.  (Though I don’t think I’m a prophet–just another watchman.)

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