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Their two biggest tools are the schools and our entertainment industry. Our schools are currently the biggest threat, and most imminent danger, to our future liberties!

The other HUGE threat to our children is like a monstrous, powerful, raging river on which we are all rafting.  I don’t think it’s possible to overestimate the power that our entertainment industry has in shaping our culture, our morals, and our values.  I am talking about all the separate rivers (television, movies, pop music, sports, video games, etc.) and smaller streams (magazines, books, etc.) that merge together into a powerful river that is basically the heart and soul of the American populace.

But, like a river, it is the power that moves us–not the other way around.  Although we are all ‘kicked back’ on our rafts, being entertained by the scenery, the river is not.  The river is working–racing, cutting, carrying, and pushing, with great power, towards its goal.  And although you and I sit on our sofas, in front of the big screen tv, and empty our minds at the end of a long and tiring day–allowing ourselves to be relaxed, entertained, hypnotized–rest assured that there is a force behind it that is molding and shaping you, conforming you to someone’s vision for this world.

And when you recline tiredly in front of the tv, and consciously turn off your mind (to unwind and destress), you are putting yourself into a level of physical and mental passivity that is optimal for bypassing your conscious mind and allowing suggestions and images to penetrate deep into your subconscious.  (Compare it to the process of hypnosis or ‘guided imagery’.)  Don’t think those behind the scenes are unaware of the power they have to shape America!

This river is the force that creates and defines American culture and binds us together cohesively.  It is our ‘collective consciousness’ and forms the paradigm for our lives.  You Christian parents need to give some serious thought to how it affects you–and your children.  I’m not talking just about using discretion in regards to individual games, TV shows or singers–I’m talking about the influence of all of it put together.  Step back, way back, and take a look at the big picture.  It is so big, I don’t think you can dip your bucket in it and not be swept away.  I doubt you have enough influence with your kids to counterbalance the effects it has on them.

God tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds–by studying His word.  He also calls us out, when we are caught up in a depraved culture, and then he sends judgment upon it.  I don’t care if your church condones it, or tries to bend it for their use–you need to seriously seek God in prayer about what involvement He thinks is best for you and your family, in regards to our American culture and entertainment industry today.

American Empire

These two forces combined (public schools and the entertainment industry), are the reason children that are raised in church leave the church and never look back!!

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The American Paradigm Is About To Be Shattered!