I was listening to a speaker, who was relating the story of a legion of Christian Roman soldiers who turned the Roman Empire upside down because they held to the truth and died for it.  Instantly I compared that to what those of us who are living will endure.  In typical ‘woe is me’ style, I said to myself “yeah, but we won’t be turning anything upside down” (when we die as martyrs)–because I know that human civilization, as it has been, is in the last pages of the last chapter.  I see no indication in Scripture, that the deaths of all the many martyrs (that will happen under the rule of ‘The Beast’) are going to bring about a great revival of faith, or change of heart.  Sometimes it seems almost pointless, from a strategic perspective.  (I am not always brave . . .)

So, as I was hearing this story of great courage and bravery that was, no doubt, meant to encourage me, I said in my heart “yeah, but we won’t be turning anything upside down”.  And, instantly, the Lord spoke to my heart “you’ll be turning the whole world upside down.”

Then He brought to my remembrance, the Scripture that says there will be a new heaven and a new earth, and I realized that this final outpouring of ‘The Faithful’, will seal the fate of this sinful world, bringing about the return of Jesus Christ, to judge the wicked, and will usher in the Kingdom of Jesus Christ.

Take heart.  Although a single drop of water can not do much by itself, many drops of water carved the Grand Canyon . . .

The God Factor

The Gates Of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against Us