My apologies to those who are dedicated, sacrificing Pastors who have the best interests of their people at heart.  To those of you who sincerely try:  God bless you.

However, some of you are being so helpful to the devil that he can leave your congregation alone and go on vacation!!

If you don’t teach your people right from wrong, the truth from lies . . . if you don’t preach about sin and repentance . . . who are you REALLY helping?

Sure, your attendance will be high, and you’ll go through the motions of being a minister of the gospel . . . your political correctness will make you popular, but it will be an intricate dance to tell the truth without stepping on anyone’s toes.  You’ll be so busy with the latest program that you’ll hardly notice that your old, faithful, Bible-thumping, Amen-corner Christians have departed.  The flurry of activity will distract you from the fact that you no longer feel God’s presence in your church–or in your life.

Is your church ‘lukewarm’ towards God, towards truth, towards sanctification?  You are the one who sets the standard for your people.  They aren’t going to achieve any more than you tell them you believe they can achieve.  If your church is lukewarm, it’s because you allow them to be comfortable with being lukewarm!

Pastors:  If you don’t teach your people right from wrong, don’t maintain a higher standard for your congregation (and yourself), don’t confront your people regarding their sins–do you really think you’re helping them?

Don’t you know, if you permit something, they think God permits it?  If you accept something, they think God accepts it?  If you remain silent about sin, if you don’t point it out and call it for what it is–your congregation will assume that you condone it, and that God does likewise!

It would be nice if your people read the Bible–but you can’t assume that they do!!  You need to shore up the foundations of their understanding–and then add the basic building blocks.  Forget the fancy trim and designer windows! Forget following the crowd!  Forget the latest fad!  Forget pleasing people–please God!!  Your people are falling into deception, and God is going to hold you accountable if you are not doing your job!

Satan has been waging a concerted attack against all that is foundational to the lives of human beings. He is setting the stage for his reign on Earth, as the head of a global government.  The day is fast approaching.  His reign won’t last for long–but it will be devastating while it does.  How many of your people will be able to (spiritually) endure?  How many of their children have already been led far astray?

Unable to conquer truth, he is changing the definition and concept of truth, making it a relative term–something of little importance.  Unable to obliterate the family as fast as he’d like, he is attempting to redefine it as well, and make the family (as God designed it) obsolete.  He calls the idea of reality into question, teaching that it is something we create through our own will and imagination.

When I say you need to get back to basics in your preaching–I mean the very foundations of our understanding of God and life!!  As obvious as these things may be to you–don’t assume your congregation knows the difference!! They need to know there is a God!  There really is such a thing as absolute truth!  There are actions and beliefs that are right, and others that are wrong.  Jesus is the only way.  Etc., etc., etc.

If you don’t teach your people what is sin, don’t confront them when they sin, and don’t hold them to a higher standard (because you don’t want to make them uncomfortable?)–do you think you are acting in their best interest?  Sin and deception will ensnare them and pull them deep into bondage! Which do you think is worse?  They trust you enough to put their spiritual well-being into your hands.  More than that–God thought highly enough of you, and trusted you enough, to place them in your care!!  Are you going to disappoint His faith in you?

Wake up and do what God has called you to do.  The hour is late!!  God is going to send a powerful delusion to those who do not love the truth . . . teach your people truth!! Teach them to love the truth, to search out the truth, to hold fast to the truth!!

You have labored long and hard–don’t give up now that we are in the final stretch!  Forget what is behind and press forward with all your might!!  Your finest hour may be just around the bend!!

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