A recent post on Steven M. Collin’s site led me to a link that was quite interesting:

‘CNN beams in guests with new hologram technology’ (Fox News 11/5/08)

Apparently CNN decided that Obama’s election night would be a good time to debut its holographic technology.

‘ [Jessica] Yellin stepped into a booth set up in a tent at Chicago’s Grant Park, surrounded by 25 high-definition cameras that duplicated her moving image in much the same way as a flight simulator would. On-screen, it appeared she was standing and talking to Wolf Blitzer on CNN’s New York set, an eerie white halo around her.

At another point, singer will.i.am’s image came out of on-screen snow, sort of like Capt. Kirk in “Star Trek.”‘

‘It wasn’t the only optical illusion on display Tuesday. CNN’s John King worked with a virtual reality U.S. Capitol, and NBC’s Ann Curry stood in a green room that appeared, through virtual reality, to be a fancy set with Roman columns.’

A comment was made:

‘It was an odd thing to break out on Election Night, said Robert Thompson, director of the Bleier Center for Television and Popular Culture at Syracuse University.’

I think so too!  In fact, it reminded me of a verse in Scripture that tells about the coming of ‘The Antichrist’:

‘The coming of the lawless one will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders . . . ‘  (II Thessalonians 2:9)

Although I don’t think it was THE actual fulfillment of this portion of prophecy,  it does seem eerily similar . . . at least to me.

( ‘for him who has eyes to see’ . . .  ? )

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