muslim woman-eyes

” 37.  The highest and greatest reward for Muslim men is to go to heaven where he will have 72 bashful dark eyed virgins (houris) at his sexual disposal and whim. We wonder what Muslim women get as their great reward? (One woman speculated their reward may be to be rid of Muslim men!)

The description of heaven is exactly what a 7th century Arab male would find appealing in the physical sense only: 80,000 servants, 72 beautiful sex slaves, wine and booze, fruit, shade, fine clothing and jewelry, carpets made of silk, music etc. In fact we wonder if Hugh Hefner is in fact a secret Muslim, given the fact that he is living now on earth, like Muslim hope to live like when they get to heaven.

It is puzzling why Muslims forbid wine, booze and alcoholic drinks now, but they will be permitted in heaven. But moral consistency is not important to a Muslim, given the fact that even Yasser Arafat built and owned a large casino near Jericho, Israel, even though gambling is also forbidden to Muslims.”

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