Most of you have watched enough ‘Law and Order’ to know, that if the prosecution has a witness with particulary damning testimony, the defense lawyer will set out to discredit the witness–usually from his opening arguments.

Today it is much in vogue to mock anyone who doesn’t go with the cultural flow.  People find it even funnier if the person speaking is especially zealous–and absolutely hilarious if they’re a Christian!

I’m telling you this, because it is a subtle thing–a habit that even many truth-seeking Christians may have picked up, without realizing it.

It is important, because God has appointed Watchmen in these days.  They are witnesses of what is coming, who are called to warn the people, so they might have time to repent before it arrives.

If you have developed the habit of listening, not to what is being said, but to how it is said, you will have great sport in listening to God’s Watchmen–but you will completely miss the point.

There is a reason that God’s Watchmen are zealous, adamant, and ‘alarmist’.  It is because God has given them a vision, or a taste of what is coming.  They are out ahead of the crowd, and are experiencing events before others do.  They may be seeing things years, months, weeks, or only days ahead of time.  Only God knows for sure.

What they are warning about is very recent to them, because God has allowed them to visit it.  To you, the things they warn of seem very far off–if you believe them at all–so their zeal can seem very exaggerated.  If you have developed the habit of letting the delivery get in the way of the message, you are going to miss the point.  Frankly, that’s going to spell great trouble for you.

God didn’t go to all the trouble to select and prepare Watchmen, reveal to them what’s coming, and send them to tell you, so that you could sit in your easy chair and laugh at them or tell them not to ‘get so worked up’.

Nobody volunteers for the job.  In fact, knowing how distasteful it is to be mocked and ignored, God warns the Watchman that if he fails to warn you, your blood is on his hands.  Maybe the Watchman’s heart really breaks for you–or maybe not.  The message comes from God, and God does love you–whether you deserve it or not.  Don’t ask me why.

It is important enough to God to go to great lengths to be sure you get the message, so you really ought to listen.  It may be the only warning you get.

Here is the latest by Nathan Leal.  Please listen and prayerfully consider what you hear.