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Things in America are such a mess–where DO we begin?

I am always inspired by the story of Gideon, who led a very small band of warriors to victory.  With a few people who are committed to doing what is right, and with the supernatural help of God, anything can be overcome.

I know, that for every ten people who read this post, one might be inspired.  And of every ten who are inspired, one may actually be moved to do something.  So, I’m probably only speaking to one person, since I don’t have that many readers!!  If I knew who you were, maybe I could tailor this post to you.  ; )

Whoever you are, I don’t know what common ground we share.  I don’t know if you are a Christian, or if you even believe in God/Jehovah.  I am not trying to persuade you to become a Christian, if you are not.

Lets assume that we have only three things in common

  1. we have the longing to do right
  2. we want to know the truth
  3. we are Americans

May I ask you to entertain the idea that there may be a God above us all, and that He loves what is right and true, and hates what is deceitful and wrong?

I believe there is such a God, and that He is speaking to my heart– saying that America is doing much more wrong than good, and it displeases Him.  I believe He wants us to turn from evil and begin to do good again, so that we may live in peace.  I believe He wants to help us  turn things around in America–but I believe He wants us to clean things up in our own lives too.

I believe, if we want His supernatural help (and we surely need it), that we need to do things His way–rightly and honestly–and that we need to strive to be right and true in our own lives.  I believe that He wants us to take the first step, if we want His help.

I believe, if we will begin by giving up even one bad thing we are doing, He will see it as a step we are taking towards Him, and He will reward that effort.

You have probably heard people say that God/Jehovah is judging America.  If that is true, then we know from His Bible that there is a remedy:  If those who believe in God will apologize to Him for the bad things they are doing–and stop doing them–God will hear their prayers, forgive them, and fix things in their country.

If God is real, if He is judging America, and if we want to see America fixed, then we have to stop doing bad things in our own lives first.

So, here is my hope:

  • I hope that there are a few people throughout America, who will stop doing wrong and ask God to forgive and help them.
  • Then, I hope that these people will begin to learn about what is going on (God will supernaturally lead them to the information).
  • When they learn what is going on, I hope they will begin to shine light on it–expose it–by telling others (God will help them have the courage to tell others).
  • I believe, if enough people turn to doing what is right, and ask God for His help, He will step in and fix the mess.

I know that’s not the way most people would deal with things–but the problems and schemes confronting America are too broad, and wide, and deep, for us to know how to fix them ourselves.

God, however, can wave His hand over the whole big mess, over every evil scheme, and cause it to unravel.  Then He can show us the right way to put things back together.   If we allow God to be our leader and protector, we will live in peace.

If we do it this way, God will punish the guilty Himself and protect the innocent.  If we do it this way, we will not be among the guilty.  If we do it this way, none of us will have blood on our hands.  If we do it this way, God’s blessings can once again shine down upon America, and we can live in peace.

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