For those of you who are confused about this ‘correct name of God’ stuff, and have doubts about whether God’s name is Jehovah, because of lies put forth by deceivers . . . this should confirm, once and for all, that His name IS Jehovah . . .

Surely there exists concrete archeological evidence of the different kings whose names began with ‘Jeho’ and had meanings such as ‘Jehovah is exalted’.

Or Joseph . . . is there any question that one of the sons of Jacob/Israel was named Joseph?
What is his name in Hebrew? Yĕhowceph
Translation: ‘Jehovah has added’.

Jonathan, son of King Saul:
Hebrew: Yĕhownathan
Translation: ‘Jehovah has given’.

Jehoiakim, the third from the last king of Judah:
Hebrew: Yĕhowyaqiym
Translation: ‘Jehovah raises up’

ETC. These are just a few of the names in the Bible based on a reference to God. They confirm, at least, that the first four letters of God’s name (in Hebrew) are ‘Yeho’ (YH) . . . in English, ‘Jeho’.

This ‘Sacred Names’ stuff is NOT a movement within Christianity. It is an infiltration OF Christianity BY witchcraft.

Here are a couple of very recent, good videos on this subject.  This heresy is spreading rapidly and we need to know how to correctly respond.

Part 1:

Part 2:

Please note: this author does NOT in any way acknowledge, support, or condone the Jehovah’s Witnesses.