We probably all KNOW this, when we stop and think about it, but it bears saying: love is not just a FEELING, love is the sum of your ACTIONS towards another person.

One of the ways Satan attempts to fight God’s truth (which is readily available to all of us, through our Bible) is to change or distort the meaning of words. Anyone who has grown up in America has been strongly influenced by Hollywood’s portrayal of love as a strong feeling of desire that leads us to blow all caution to the wind and jump into bed with the other person. This is not LOVE, this is reckless, self-centered, lust-driven passion!

On a conscious, rational level we know this. None of us interprets Jesus’ command to ‘love one another’ as instruction to indulge in a group orgy with other Christians. Yet we are not always rational, and most people DO uncritically hold to the idea that love is a FEELING.

Passion is a feeling. Lust is a feeling. Physical attraction is a feeling. Feelings are highly overrated. God did not intend us to live in perpetual bliss in this life. If He did, He would not have created chemicals that come along and bind up the serotonin (pleasure chemical) that our brain creates. Emotions are MEANT to be fleeting.

LOVE is a QUALITY, more like truthfulness, honesty, or loyalty. It is a way of behaving towards others, that considers what is best for them–even, potentially, to our own detriment. When we INVEST ourself in this pattern of loving behavior towards another person, over a period of time, a deep fondness grows. But even this, we must not confuse for love. Love is not a feeling. Love is a pattern of behavior.

Do we ‘love’ one another? Time will tell. Our behavior, over time, will show forth a pattern of concern and commitment to the well being of one another . . . or else it will show that we were quick to flatter and say kind things, but ultimately looked out for ourselves first. Let us LOVE one another, one word, one deed, at a time.