Some people these days, promoting false doctrines, will be quick to say ‘the road is narrow’ to insinuate that you must follow THEIR path to make it to Heaven. Let’s be clear, that the way is narrow does NOT mean that the way is HIDDEN and only few will be able to figure it out. The way is NARROW, because it is the ONLY way acceptable to God, and it is necessary to do it according to GOD’S directions (no substitutions allowed).

The Bible is CLEAR, and the explanation of the narrow path is SIMPLE. How to become saved, how to walk in obedience, and how to endure to the end are spelled out over and over again. There is no secret to it. To find the narrow gate, you must seek GOD’S will rather than your own. This is why most people pass on by, in favor of taking the broad path. It always comes down to will. Few people are willing to surrender their will to God. But whoever controls one’s will is their master.

It is true that walking the narrow path is NOT simple. It requires complete surrender. Outside of complete surrender to God, and His Spirit empowering you, you will NOT be able to endure the steep climb. Again, this is why most people REJECT it, in favor of the broad path.

The broad path includes all of the ALMOST correct ways to God. The broad path may substitute works instead of faith. The broad path may leave out repentance or obedience. The broad path may allow you to follow a ‘higher power’ rather than Jesus Christ–God and son of God the Father. The broad path is the way taken by all who REJECT the simple way that is laid out in the Bible for us to follow . . . they reject doing it GOD’S way.