Each of us has a place and a purpose in the body of Christ. Don’t dishonor God by comparing yourself to others. Instead, bloom where you are planted.

Within your own circle of influence, take advantage of the opportunities that God brings into your life and be obedient to Him. When we humbly submit, and remain thankful even in what seem to be poor and lowly circumstances, we bring pleasure to God.

We don’t have to do grand and wonderful things. We just need to be who He made us to be, and allow Him to display Himself through us.

He is the same God who planted tiny little flowers in the grass. You may not think much of them as you tread them underfoot–but if you take the time to examine them with a magnifying glass, you will see the intricate beauty and care that He puts into each one of them, just as He does with everything He makes. Then step back and see the beauty they add, when thousands of them are strewn throughout a meadow.

Don’t ever think you are less important or less worthy than anyone else. You may just be . . . smaller.