Here is a list of some of the most important posts, (beginning with the oldest first) that will get you caught up to where we are today.

(The posts marked ** relate to the ‘Whore of Babylon’, global elite, and Obama)

Here’s The Deal
The American Paradigm Is About To Be Shattered**
Oh Yes He Does Get It!**
The Drunken Whore**
The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against Us
Will America’s New National Health Care ID Card Eventually Morph Into The Mark Of The Beast?
We Know In Part And We Prophesy In Part
American Empire**
‘Buy Gold From Me . . . ‘ (Jesus, to the ‘Lukewarm Church’)**
We Will Turn The World Upside Down!!
Only One Way?  How Intolerant!
Understanding Revelation
Truth And Light–Nowhere To Run, No Place To Hide
Understanding Obama**
Coming Soon, To America . . .**
Do You Recognize This Man?**
First Beast Rising**
Lets See What You’re Made Of
Holograms Used On Election Night?**
Who Really Pulls Obama’s Strings?**
The Men Who Surround Him**
Where Are Bill And Bernardine Now?**
Who Shaped His Thinking?**
Why Obama Won’t Salute The Flag**
Will You Know Him When He Comes?
The End Time Religion Is Here
New York, New York: Your Judgment Looms**
Daniel’s Vision At Night: ‘The first was like a lion’
Daniel’s Vision At Night: ‘a second beast, which looked like a bear’
Daniel’s Vision At Night: ‘there before me was a third beast . . . that looked like a leopard’
The Fourth Kingdom–Iron And Clay
Setting The Stage**
Something Ominous On The Horizon**
“Islam, The Religion Of Peace”
Is God Judging America?
Obama’s Army**
Christians, Vampires And Dragons
Police Are Now Preparing For The Collapse
George (Schwartz) Soros Unveils The Plan To Ruin America**
America–Land Of The Greedy, Home Of The Prideful
A Fourth Beast–Terrifying, Frightening, And Very Powerful
Why The Elite Believe You Should Die **
The Dome Of The Rock
The Wheel In The Sky
When Is The Rapture?
Is He The Guy?**
It’s Not Going To Happen The Way You Expect
A Vision–It Is Happening Now
Jesus’ Strong Warning About Political Correctness
Respecting Wealthy Men
Does God (Jehovah) Support A Palestinian State?
Are They Protecting Us . . . Or Themselves?
Will Your Children’s Blood Be Upon Your Hands?
For Christians Who Are Struggling Spiritually
‘Rapture’ Ready

America In Prophecy