If you are here for the first time-God has led you here. There is something here He wants you to know.

While millions of Americans are receiving their nightly mind-numbing, alternate reality update via the TV, millions more are sound asleep.  Yet you, for some reason, are reading this blog.  That means there is hope for you.  The uneasiness you feel is causing you to seek for answers–and if you seek, you will find.

God is leading His children to the truth.  The fact that you are seeking truth leads me to believe that He is drawing you to Himself.  And that means there is great hope for you!  Whatever you are going through in your life–God is bigger!  No matter how badly you are entangled, God can set you free!

Whoever you are, whatever you’ve done-God still loves you. You wouldn’t be reading this if He didn’t.

‘For I know the plans I have for you . . .

plans to give you hope and a future’

Jeremiah 29:11