I am looking for answers and solving puzzles.  I am synthesizing all the info I find, examining it by the standard of God’s Word (the Bible), praying for wisdom and forming my opinions.

My opinions, of course, are affected by who I am, who I have been and what I have seen and heard.  I am no expert on anything-just a person who has lived by intuition and ‘gut feelings’ for many years.

I am a ‘born again Christian’ (aside from that, I am a loser at most everything, by most people’s standards, but that is all that really matters).  In the cosmic battle between good and evil, I am on the right side.  I serve a master who is all good, all love, and all kindness.  He is patient and self sacrificing.  He is the ultimate in wisdom and absolute in justice.

Before I met Him, in 1981, I was many things: an angry and strong-willed child,  a semi-permanent fixture in a tattoo parlor, homeless and living on the streets, and desperately lonely.  I was into motorcycles, sex, drugs, rock & roll, sex, astrology, hitchhiking around the USA, sex . . .  but He turned my life around.  His forgiveness cleaned away all the garbage that my sins had piled up in my heart and mind.  And He gave me peace.  You can have it too.

My basic nature, however, hasn’t changed.  I’m still a contrarian, a rebel, a ‘think outside the box’ type, and to some extent a conspiracy theorist (hey, just because something is a conspiracy, doesn’t mean it isn’t true!).  Oh yeah-and I don’t believe in political correctness.

I write from who I am.  I want to understand everything and, like I said before, I love solving puzzles.  I spend a lot of time thinking and most of it lately consists of current events, especially geopolitics, and Bible prophecies of the end of this age.

I write what my gut tells me is true.  Certainly I can be wrong, but these are my opinions and I’m willing to share them.  I suppose anyone who reads what I write will find something(s) they STRONGLY disagree with-as well as something(s) they believe, that most people aren’t talking about.