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Parents, let me tell you a parable . . .

There was once a king, a very GOOD king.  He loved his people and always looked out for them and cared for them.  The time came that he had to travel to a far away land.  While he was gone, an enemy came to spoil his kingdom.  The enemy released a sickness upon the people, in order to kill them all.  Word of the attack quickly reached the good king, and he had his nobles prepare an antidote that would not only heal the sickness, but inoculate those who were well against any other kind of sickness in the future.

Some of the people took the antidote and were spared any further trouble.  But the enemy quickly learned of the antidote and began to post billboards and send radio messages throughout the kingdom.  His message was ‘Don’t cram that stuff down your kids’ throats!’.

Now the people were in confusion.  In fact, since billboards and radio were the usual means of communicating important messages in their kingdom, they felt it best to obey.  (Little did they know the enemy had taken control of all the media.)  Word spread quickly, from person to person: ‘Don’t cram that stuff down your kids’ throats!’.

Even though the king’s noblemen worked hard to persuade them to follow the king’s instructions, there was nothing that they could do–the people simply would not listen to them anymore.  Even the testimony of those who had taken the antidote would do nothing to sway the minds of those who had been taken captive by the lie.  Everyone now did what seemed right in his own eyes.

Especially susceptible to the sickness were the young, who became very, very ill and suffered horribly, but took a very long time to die, thus spreading the sickness to all around them.  In time, all of the people of the kingdom who refused the antidote succumbed to the sickness and died.

As soon as the king had received word of the attack, he set out on the journey back to his kingdom, but it was far away and took a very long time.  When he arrived, the sickness had already run its course.  His kingdom had been purged of nearly all its people.  The only ones that remained were those who had trusted him enough to take the antidote.

Parents, here is the interpretation of the parable . . .

The sickness is sin and rebellion, which Satan has sown throughout God’s kingdom.  The antidote is found in a little book we call the B-I-B-L-E (Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth).  But the enemy wants to ensure that you ‘Don’t cram that stuff down your kids’ throats!’.

What does GOD say about that?

‘Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God [is] one LORD:
And thou shalt love the LORD thy God with all thine heart, and with all thy soul, and with all thy might.
And these words, which I command thee this day, shall be in thine heart:
And thou shalt teach them diligently unto thy children,
and shalt talk of them when thou sittest in thine house,
And when thou walkest by the way,
and when thou liest down,
and when thou risest up.
And thou shalt bind them for a sign upon thine hand,
and they shall be as frontlets between thine eyes.
And thou shalt write them upon the posts of thy house,
and on thy gates.’
(Deut 6:4-9 and 11:18-20)

In other words–give the children the antidote–and LOTS OF IT!  Cram it down their throats while you still have them in your care!  Of COURSE Satan doesn’t want you to do this–thus the societal pressure to let your child do what is right in his own eyes!  But God says:

‘Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.’  (Prov. 22:6)

‘But’, you may say, ‘we want them to know that we trust them and let them make their own choices’ . . .

‘Ye shall not do after all [the things] that we do here this day, every man whatsoever [is] right in his own eyes.’  (Deut. 12:8)

‘In those days [there was] no king in Israel, [but] every man did [that which was] right in his own eyes.’  (Judges 17:6)

‘The way of a fool [is] right in his own eyes . . . ‘ (Prov. 12:15)

‘Every way of a man [is] right in his own eyes . . . ‘  (Prov. 21:2)

You may have fallen for the enemy’s propaganda and believe this is a good idea, but it runs counter to what the Lord says.

Are you preparing your child to be a lawless adult, doing whatever is right in his own eyes–or are you preparing him to be a loyal, obedient subject in God’s Kingdom?  There is a vast difference between the two!  We DO have a king, and we must not do what is right in our OWN eyes, but carefully follow His instructions.  FILL your children with the knowledge of God and His ways, while you have the opportunity!

‘But I don’t want to rule my family with an iron fist’, you say.  Then you have probably bought into the propaganda that ‘freedom’ (lawlessness) is our birthright and is the best way to raise a child.

Understand this: when Christ returns, He will rule with an iron rod (Rev. 2:27, 12:5, 19:15)!

These Ten Commandments that God gave us . . . that Christians debate about whether we need to worry about keeping or not . . . these same Ten Commandments came with a death penalty for those who would not keep them.  That death penalty was instituted BY GOD!

God is VERY serious about His standards, and He tolerated no rebellion.

‘For rebellion [is as] the sin of witchcraft, and stubbornness [is as] iniquity and idolatry. . . ‘  (1 Sam. 15:23)

When Jesus rules on Earth He will tolerate no rebellion, and punishment will be swift and harsh for those who disobey.  (This is what it means to ‘rule with a rod of iron’.) 

Right now, sinners are TEMPORARILY living in a time of grace.  (There is no point in FORCING them into a covenant which they have no sincere intention of obeying.)  Therefore, as in the old adage, God is giving them a lot of rope.  If they are wicked, they will use that rope (grace) to hang themselves (by persisting in sin and rejecting Christ).

As parents, it is important to understand God’s nature and intentions.  Hopefully, after you read this parable and its explanation, you will realize how important it is to innoculate your children against sin and rebellion, and to prepare them to be loyal subjects of a KING–not lawless inhabitants of a ‘democracy’ who do what is right in their own eyes and use the rope (grace) God gives them to ultimately hang themselves.

Are we living in a time where some of the disease outbreaks we are seeing are not really random, natural events?  Could it be that some of the outbreaks we are seeing are the result of trials of new biological weapons?  The e. coli outbreak in Europe has me wondering that, because of a few strange facts:

  • One of the world’s most expensive medicines may hold promise as a cure  ($54,000 per person, per month–several month’s treatment needed).
  • The medication is currently only approved for one rare disease, so using it to treat the e. coli victims would be a test.
  • The prognosis for the victims is very grim, so who would refuse–especially since the medicine will be provided for free!
  • Given the ’emergency’ situation, if the medication proves effective, will FDA approval be fast-tracked?

But the strangest facts of all:

  • This drug is produced by only one company (Alexion, ALXN)
  • The drug is currently approved for only one–rare–disease
  • It is the only (currently approved) drug this company produces!  (Others are being developed.)

I think it is unusual for a company to invest  (probably) millions of dollars to develop a drug that is useful for only one disease–and a rare one at that.  Is there much of a profit potential there?  And how long can a company remain solvent if this one medication is their only product?  If a chance event like this particular outbreak would come along, for which their medication was found to be effective, wouldn’t it have the potential to raise the stock price of the company?

Maybe it’s all coincidental, or explainable.  If so, then kudos to the company for taking the financial risk to develop such medicines (and for being generous enough to provide free trials to the victims).  As I understand, there is not as much grant money available to develop treatments for rare diseases.  Such a potential windfall could perhaps be viewed as a blessing of God upon their endeavor.

But, perhaps it is not coincidence or good fortune.  If one was to ‘follow the money’ what would they find?  Who are the initial investors in the company?  Who has provided grant money? What other companies and individuals is Alexion associated with?

And–more importantly–who holds stock in the company?  Who has recently invested?  People with ‘foreknowledge’ buy stocks (or even entire companies) that they know are poised to make a profit.  (If something is found to be amiss, it is entirely possible that the company itself was not guilty of any wrongdoing.)

But back to the question of whether this might be the trial of a biological weapon.  If one looks at the nature of the illness this strain of e. coli produces, it is the stuff of horror movies.  (How this e. coli attacks the body) An illness that causes one to slowly bleed to death internally, that has only one (expensive) antidote, would seem to be a good potential candidate for a biological weapon.

Maybe I think too much–but the reason I write this blog is to get other people to think more for themselves, to dig deeper, to consider possibilities.  There are many powerful people out there, with agendas of their own, that can influence the media.  There is a lot more going on, behind the scenes, than most people realize.  You can’t just believe everything that you’re told!


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