Many of you have probably heard this.  An astute observer has noticed that (what is reported to have been) Osama bin Laden’s compound is shaped like the map of Israel, and that his house was centered at Jerusalem, the gate at Tel Aviv, etc.

The original source is in French, here is one that summarizes it, in English.

As strange as that is, I just wonder:  has anyone considered that this might be an encrypted message?  If, as I have heard, jihadists look for signs–might this be a message to attack Israel?

We hear that Muslims are vowing to avenge Bin Laden’s death.  Western media are saying that they surely will . . . (or are they fanning the flames?). With that much anger roiling,  could this be a message (whether overt or subliminal) that Israel is the place to begin?

Even more mysterious–if such is the case, who is the message really from?  I guess that depends on who Osama bin Laden really was, whether or not he was killed on 5/1/11, and who wants us to believe that he was.

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