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Here’s some more info on the people around Obama–in this case, the ones who influenced his identity and his political thinking.

In 1988 Obama travelled to Kenya to learn more about Barack Sr.’s family and identity.  He came away deeply affected by stories of  his grandfather’s abuse at the hands of the British. Whether or not this is when it began, it is pretty clear that Obama despises the British.

The real reason Obama loathes the British

As a young man, Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis (a Communist pornographer, pedophile, bisexual swinger).  This relationship was a critically important precursor to Obama’s political career.

The links between Frank Marshall Davis, Obama, the Jarretts and the Communist Party

Democratic Socialists Of America

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(The big question, still unanswered, is: how did Stanley Dunham (Obama’s grandfather) and Davis meet–what is their connection?)

The Men Who Surround Him

Who Really Pulls Obama’s Strings?

Where Are Bill And Bernardine Now?

Selling Out Poland

Well, Obama has made another national security ‘blunder’. He has reneged on our assurance of protection to Poland by giving up on the missile defense shield–in order to grovel for Russia’s love.

This president is consistently showing his support for Marxists and dictators. People who say he doesn’t realize have just not been ready to face the ugly truth. The timing of his announcement was the 70th anniversary of Poland’s invasion by Germany! Not only did he make the announcement that he would no longer protect Poland–he made it in capital letters, boldfaced print, underlined and with exclamation points!

If that is not enough, if you still think it was ignorance or an oversight, or whatever, you need to look at the whole picture so far:

* He continues to meet with dictators.
* He supports the corrupt, constitution-violating, ousted leader of Honduras who was moving to establish himself as a dictator.
* He had to be pushed to make any statement of support for the patriots in Iran that were protesting the fraudulent elections that allowed a madman to stay in power in their country.
* He ‘honored’ the British with an absolutely pathetic gift –a boxed set of American movie classics (as though they couldn’t be purchased by anybody, anywhere!) The British, by contrast, gave him a priceless gift with deep meaning-an ornamental pen holder made from the timbers of a British anti-slave ship!
* He returned a special gift from Britain (a bust of Churchill).

It’s not that any of these things, taken alone, couldn’t be rationalized, justified, explained away or forgiven. It is the consistency of his actions that is concerning. Obama consistently says one thing and does another. You have the inner spirit of the man (expressed through his actions) and the clever facade that hides it (expressed through his words). This is where the old truism comes in–‘ACTIONS speak louder than words’!

There are 2 Obamas: the one talking and the one acting. Tease the two apart and you will have 2 very different results-the compendium of all he says and the embodiment of all he does.

Which do you think is the truth? Which one matters the most?

The American Paradigm Is About To Be Shattered!