(My own children were homeschooled, based on my religious convictions.)

I don’t intend to minimize the serious, and ever-growing challenges you are facing as homeschoolers in America today. I just have one simple suggestion, regarding SOME of the curricula you are being required to teach. I think it could be a wonderful opportunity to make the best of something Satan intends to use for evil.

If your child is old enough, and the material permits–why not study it together, with the explanation that this is something the government is requiring you to teach, and then take it apart? You can use it as an opportunity to illustrate propaganda & the engineering of social change, to teach critical thinking skills, and to really present your positions and the reasons behind them.

That said, I have not seen the material myself and don’t know how well that would work. However, I suspect that they have said that you must teach the material, but have not dictated HOW.

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