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The other day, someone I know mentioned that they follow over three hundred people on Twitter!  I’m astounded!  I don’t use Twitter, so I don’t know how often people Tweet but . . . over three  hundred people!

Granted, this person isn’t a Christian . . . but from what I know about ‘Christians’ these days, they do pretty much what everyone else does.  (Could it be because many who call themselves Christians aren’t?  Hmmmm.)

I don’t know whether this number is typical, or whether it’s excessive.  But I just can’t fathom having my thoughts constantly interrupted –or steered by–that many people.  (In fact, I’m not sure there are three hundred truly wise people in the whole U.S.!)  Personally,  I can’t think of even a dozen people whose thoughts and comments I’d be interested in hearing on a regular basis.

We used to bemoan the fact that time seemed to be speeding up, and that we were becoming more and more busy . . . but the idea of receiving constant Tweets makes that seem like a minor annoyance!

The Bible warns us not to be conformed to the culture we live in.  When you factor Twitter into the equation, it gives a whole new meaning to ‘collective consciousness’.  We are coming closer and closer to everyone thinking the same thing at the same time.  (What a grand experiment in social control this could be!)

Christian, step back and look at this situation.  We become like the people we spend time with.   If you Twitter, do I have to elaborate, to spell out the dangers here?  If you are following all these people on Twitter, how do you have time to hear God?  And how do you know what your own thoughts are?  Do you even have an original thought anymore, or is it a continuation of someone else’s comment?  Don’t just laugh this question off–think about it!

If you are serious about being a disciple of Jesus, about being a new creation, about putting aside the things of this world, about having your mind renewed, and growing spiritually . . . then you need to take a long hard look at where Twitter is taking you.

We are constantly being pulled away from the things that matter.  We slip away from truth a little at a time.  Our character changes, one thought at a time.

Where are your thoughts coming from?


We Have Been Bewitched

For Christians Who Are Struggling Spiritually

Continued from ‘Will They Take Away Our Children?’

Their two biggest tools are the schools and our entertainment industry. Our schools are currently the biggest threat, and most imminent danger, to our future liberties!

The other HUGE threat to our children is like a monstrous, powerful, raging river on which we are all rafting.  I don’t think it’s possible to overestimate the power that our entertainment industry has in shaping our culture, our morals, and our values.  I am talking about all the separate rivers (television, movies, pop music, sports, video games, etc.) and smaller streams (magazines, books, etc.) that merge together into a powerful river that is basically the heart and soul of the American populace.

But, like a river, it is the power that moves us–not the other way around.  Although we are all ‘kicked back’ on our rafts, being entertained by the scenery, the river is not.  The river is working–racing, cutting, carrying, and pushing, with great power, towards its goal.  And although you and I sit on our sofas, in front of the big screen tv, and empty our minds at the end of a long and tiring day–allowing ourselves to be relaxed, entertained, hypnotized–rest assured that there is a force behind it that is molding and shaping you, conforming you to someone’s vision for this world.

And when you recline tiredly in front of the tv, and consciously turn off your mind (to unwind and destress), you are putting yourself into a level of physical and mental passivity that is optimal for bypassing your conscious mind and allowing suggestions and images to penetrate deep into your subconscious.  (Compare it to the process of hypnosis or ‘guided imagery’.)  Don’t think those behind the scenes are unaware of the power they have to shape America!

This river is the force that creates and defines American culture and binds us together cohesively.  It is our ‘collective consciousness’ and forms the paradigm for our lives.  You Christian parents need to give some serious thought to how it affects you–and your children.  I’m not talking just about using discretion in regards to individual games, TV shows or singers–I’m talking about the influence of all of it put together.  Step back, way back, and take a look at the big picture.  It is so big, I don’t think you can dip your bucket in it and not be swept away.  I doubt you have enough influence with your kids to counterbalance the effects it has on them.

God tells us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds–by studying His word.  He also calls us out, when we are caught up in a depraved culture, and then he sends judgment upon it.  I don’t care if your church condones it, or tries to bend it for their use–you need to seriously seek God in prayer about what involvement He thinks is best for you and your family, in regards to our American culture and entertainment industry today.

American Empire

These two forces combined (public schools and the entertainment industry), are the reason children that are raised in church leave the church and never look back!!

Believe That ‘Each Of Us Has Our Own Truth’?

The American Paradigm Is About To Be Shattered!

There is a whole group of people that we, in our modern society have ignored, to our own peril. Certain people are just born gatekeepers–watchmen if you will, or whistle blowers.

If you look at our worst disasters, there were people who had been trying to warn us. The 9/11 attacks . . . Bernie Madoff’s ponzi scheme . . . protests against the Vietnam War . . . What about the ‘Green Revolution’, genetically modified crops, exploitation by multinational corporations . . . (oh, I’ll bet you haven’t heard about the results of some of these things, but you will).

Our failure to listen has brought us to where we are now–and there is more to come. We have been ‘sowing bad seed’ for quite awhile. Not all of it has reached fruit-bearing age yet.

Why is it that our society has this blind spot? Certain people are just more tuned in to their intuition, the Spirit of God and/or the ‘collective consciousness’. They are able to forecast trends or see a few steps ahead of the masses.

If a person uses this gift to advance himself by channeling it into creating a business, it rises to the top, they become well-known and we marvel at their foresight. But those who try to use it for the well-being of others, to warn them of impending problems, we label as extremists or nut jobs. Why is this?

One of my theories is that, in our time at least, what they say has tended to conflict with somebody’s bottom line. We have elevated the corporation to the status of a god–and God forbid we should do or say anything that questions the motives, or threatens the intentions of this god!

Capitalism is good, but not perfect. (I am a capitalist too, make no mistake, because I don’t know of a better system. But, in its present form, I think it is completely corrupt–a system that perpetrates greed, exploitation, and corruption.) It is seriously flawed if it operates without ethical oversight.

The reverence and worship for the American Corporation that we hear today, in the words of so many proponents of capitalism, reveals their blind spot, their Achille’s heel if you will. They are under its spell.

Are we starting to see the character of this god yet? Have all the fiascos of the last couple of decades, and especially the last year, not caught our attention? CORRUPT! Without our watchmen at the gates, corruption thrives! Our politicians have long been ‘in bed’ with these multinational corporations (and international banks–just another kind of multinational corporation). Together, they have formed a shadow government that is really in charge of much of the world *.

And who is it that stands to gain the most from silencing the voices of the gatekeepers? The corrupt political/corporate/banking government. They marginalize and discredit the voices of opposition. This is always the way it works–discredit the witness.

But, here is something to consider–what do the parties involved stand to gain? Doesn’t the fact that the gatekeeper/whistleblower has nothing to gain lend him more credibility? Doesn’t the fact that he is willing to speak out, sometimes at GREAT personal risk, lend him even greater credibility? Can we not believe that not everyone can be bought, that not everyone is motivated by greed? No, instead we are suspicious of someone whose motives we can’t uncover.

There IS a certain breed of people, motivated by the desire for justice and the welfare of others! Many people can’t understand such a motivation, and believe it is just a cover for something sinister, or for a mental defect. But most of us respect that calling if it is channeled into a career as a pastor, teacher or social worker!

It is time to wake up and realize that what we have needed has been here all along. Every society has its watchmen. They are legitimate in their calling, and they are our first line of defense–against corruption, tyranny, exploitation, etc., etc, etc. It’s time to seek them out and listen!!

* The Bible refers to this present-day political/corporate/banking government, in Revelation, as ‘Babylon the Great’. Some call it ‘The Whore of Babylon’.


It’s Time To Push Back!