As most of you have noticed, the world did not end yesterday.  No one was raptured.  No notable signs of judgment took place.

While most Christians are not surprised, it is still a sad day.  Not sad because judgment failed to happen–sad because apparently thousands, or tens of thousands of people around the world were misled.  Mr. Camping’s ministry broadcast in over 30 different languages.

Anyone who followed Mr. Camping this far is now in a very vulnerable position, spiritually.  For those who will admit it, there is a sense of shame–of being foolish, and of wanting to run and hide.  These souls will likely distance themselves completely from anything that makes mention of judgment or end-times events.  They will go back to a life of sin, and may become the biggest opponents of the teaching of end-time prophecies.

Of course, there are others who will rationalize, justify, and defend themselves and Mr. Camping.  They will become more devout in their beliefs and will further immerse themselves in the mental gymnastics of denial.  This will make them even more susceptible to every kind of deception.

One would hope that Mr. Camping would finally come to his senses, and allow the Lord to break his pride (which he claims not to need anyhow).  A full retraction and apology are in order.  Then, it would probably be best for him to say goodbye to his followers, close up shop, and spend his remaining retirement years really, humbly, seeking God–alone.  His prophetic interpretations have surely not done anyone any good.

Please don’t try to fix this one, Mr. Camping.  Have the grace to step aside and let the Lord clean up the broken people.

The rest of us need to keep these people in our prayers, because they are now suffering much internal devastation.  Everything they have believed in has proven to be a lie.  Don’t laugh.  No matter how smart you think you are, it could happen to you.  These deceptions may be apparent to those on the outside, when they have come to full maturity, but they overtake one’s mind by degrees.

Be sure your faith is based on the Word of God.  Make sure you are learning from Him–hold all teachers at arm’s length.

Don’t let pride form your opinion of yourself.

Pray always, seeking God about all things.  Ask God for wisdom, and understanding.  Believe in His faithfulness and ability to grant them to you.  ‘Listen to your gut’ and don’t let people explain away your doubts.

Contrary to popular doctrine, you are more likely to go the wrong way if you are running with the herd.  Consider that Jesus said the path to destruction is broad and many people are on that path–also that the true path is narrow and few find it.  He also promises that if you seek, you will find.

Look at those whose stories are in the Bible, as great men of faith–how many of them followed along with the crowd?  The men who heard from God spent much time alone with Him, seeking wisdom from Him and studying His word.

God is not going to send any great man to teach us all (but Satan will continue to).  God’s Holy Spirit is dispersed among us, in the heart of each believer (if you have received it).  He teaches each of us, and desires that, like Enoch, each of us ‘walk with Him.’