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How bad is it?  Listen to an interview with an expert.

We have been lied to, right from the start.  The danger continues, for ALL of us, as radiation continues to stream from the site and fall out over the United States.  The possibility of future catastrophe still looms, with the continued risk of an explosion.

If you want to know the truth, you are going to have to look for it.  The mainstream media seems to have been transformed into the propaganda arm of the US government.  The reports I see show that things are far worse, in regards to Fukushima, than we are being told.  I’ll give a brief overview, but there’s more than I can cover.

Citizens in Japan have begun testing and compiling their own dataChildren have been getting sick outside the ‘danger zone’An earless rabbit was born near the damaged nuclear plant, and now three earless rabbits have been born in southwestern China–not in the direction the wind usually blows.

Three reactors melted down in the early hours following the March earthquake and tsunami.  An explosion occurred several days later, in reactor #3, that appears to have released a large amount of various radioactive particles into the atmosphere.

(At that time, if I remember correctly, the jet stream took the particles across the Pacific Ocean, through Alaska and the Pacific Northwest, then looped far north into Canada and came down over the northeastern U.S.)

Radioactive iodine was later detected at unsafe levels in rainwater in various U.S. locations and made it into tap water, at high levels, in some places.  Philadelphia was one of those places, and they are now questioning a ten week spike in infant mortality there (the video appears to have been removed from the main Fox news site).

Most recently, two days ago, there appears to have been another large release of radioactivity from the spent fuel pool at reactor #4.  (skip ahead to about 1:45–it continues from there)  Depending on the wind patterns, that release may already be reaching Alaska and/or the U.S. west coast.

This isn’t going to be resolved for many months, or even years, from the look of it.  A filtration system, that was supposed to remove radioactive cesium from  contaminated water at the site, reached its capacity after just a few hours–rather than months, as had been expected.  Levels of radiation at reactors one and two appear to be rising.  There is widespread contamination of groundwater.  Curium-244 has been detected (this element requires a lead shield 20 times thicker than what is needed to protect against radiation from plutonium-238).

The sum total of all the information is that the plant is too hot to cover or contain–and will continue to be for quite some time.  Further explosions are still possible.  Radiation is constantly being released into the air and water.  The contamination is widespread.  (I even read somewhere that it had not taken long for it to reach the southern hemisphere.  I recall seeing an image of a giant storm rotating in the Pacific that was actually causing the wind to reverse its usual direction in some places.  I don’t know if that storm was responsible or not, but it was definitely mixing the air between the northern and southern hemispheres.)

It is not by accident that the news was withheld.  The more we learn, the harder it is to wrap our minds around the immensity of this disaster and its implications for all of us.  The news will continue to leak out slowly.

Apparently the clever psychological strategy being followed is to widely deny, downplay, or suppress the information in the early days then, several weeks later, some reports are given that show that things were a bit worse than first thought, several weeks beyond that, a few reports show that even those reports were optimistic, etc.  This is just one way that information is manipulated.  (As much as I hate these tactics, I can understand why.  Having spent almost two years trying to show people what’s going on, I’ve found that very few people want to know, and most people can’t handle the truth if the news is bad.)

Because the decision was made for the EPA to pretty much stop monitoring, we really don’t know how much exposure any of us has had.  My suggestion, if you live in Alaska (especially), or the west coast of the U.S., is to find some way to be tested for radiation exposure–and share the findings.  As in Japan, the truth probably isn’t going to come out until concerned individuals take matters into their own hands, to do testing and to share the results.

We don’t know which, of a number of radioactive elements, we may have been exposed to–nor do we know what effect it will have on our health.  This summer, we will begin learning of different animals whose offspring are born abnormal.  In the fall, most assuredly, Japanese babies will begin being born that are not normal or don’t survive.  Unfortunately, some newborn babies in the U.S., and even around the world, are going to show the effects of their exposure, as they were developing in their mother’s womb.

Now all this is bad enough, and I wish it was the end of the story . . . but, as things appear right now, there is potentially more bad news on the horizon–and closer to home.

Right now we are experiencing tremendous flooding throughout the midwest.  Several dams have been pushed to their limits and the water continues to rise.  One of these places is near Omaha, near the Missouri River, where the Fort Calhoun nuclear power plant has been encircled by floodwaters.

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant

Fort Calhoun Nuclear Plant (at bottom of photo)

I have not been following the story closely, but I know that there have already been some problems there.  The press, understandably, has been trying to downplay any danger.  (As one forum participant noted “Whenever a government official uses the words “rumor” and/or “conspiracy theory”, I assume that the rumor is true and they are trying to do some spin control.”)

The impending disaster seems to be the eight feet of snow on the ground (upstream) in Montana, rains from the past few weeks that are still moving downstream from their source, and heavy rains forecast for the next few days.  As I mentioned, most of the dam reservoirs are already at capacity.

Both the Fukushima and the Fort Calhoun stories are playing out as I write this post.  I have found the information on a site called ‘enenews.com‘.  It collects information from a wide variety of sources,  gives brief summaries which are easy to keep up with, and links to the original stories.

By the time most of you read this, more will be happening.  I urge you to keep up with the news yourself–it’s out there, but it’s not going to come to your TV screen via cable!

To summarize, the situation at Fukushima continues to be very bad.  I believe the reason we are no longer hearing news about it is not that the situation has improved, but that the news is actually pretty grim.  It is a disaster unfolding in slow motion.

As far as I understand, the EPA has suspended all monitoring of  radiation fallout over the U.S.  from Fukushima.  Additionally, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) is no longer providing forecasts to the public.  This gives the illusion of ‘no news is good news’–however, it amounts to a blackout of information to the American people.

Fortunately, EneNews is still providing news out of Japan regarding the reactors, and Arnie Gunderson of Fairewinds Associates is continuing to follow the situation.  There are most likely news sources out of Europe or Russia too.

The situation, as of 5/13/11:

Unit #1 is in a state of meltdown and is leaking radioactive cooling water.  It is possible that the melted fuel (‘lava’) will burn through the bottom of the reactor and fall into the water below.

Unit #2 continues to leak radioactive water into offsite trenches.

Unit #3  previously had a serious explosion that ejected nuclear fuel 2 kilometers from the reactor.  The explosion did serious damage within the reactor.  A hydrogen explosion is still possible.  It is also leaking radioactive water.

Unit #4 is tilting at the top.  This is the building where they were storing a large number of spent fuel rods.

Groundwater contamination continues; ongoing ocean contamination is probable;  air contamination continues unabated, with a number of different types of radioactive particles wafting over the Pacific Ocean, North America, and beyond.

In addition, a 60 year old plant worker died, on the job, for no apparent reason.

This is all bad news, but apparently no one wants to alarm the public.

Now, two months after the quake, 35 of Japan’s commercial reactors have been shut down for various reasons.  This represents 2/3 of their reactors.  Surely it is causing power shortages and having economic repercussions.  However, the March megaquake and tsunami have washed away any illusions that ‘it can’t happen here’, and the Japanese are not taking any more chances.

What will it take to wake up people in America?  Or will our government and media make sure that we  remain blissfully unaware, so that they can continue to pursue their own agenda?

1/26/11 Update  on:

‘And Great Flocks Of Birds Fell From The Sky’

I have heard that some people heard ‘sonic booms’ or a sound like thunder around the same time as the birds died, that night in Beebe, Arkansas.  (Beebe is not far from Guy, Arkansas where numerous small earthquakes have been felt recently).

A number of people in Indiana reported hearing the same thing,  near Indianapolis the day before the birds in Beebe died. The shaking only lasted about 10 seconds.  They were told it was a 3.8 magnitude earthquake (3 miles deep), but some still question why it sounded and felt like an explosion, rather than like a typical earthquake.

Apparently, one guy in Indiana (and his mother in law) heard 3 loud booms at the same time that his friend, Anton, in NC heard the same thing.  I believe this took place on 1/1/11.  He is still trying to find out whether anyone else between Indiana and North Carolina heard the same thing at that time.

So, here is another thought–again, having to do with fault lines and methane releases:  perhaps methane is making its way through the New Madrid fault line and causing underground explosions . . .

Here is a brief description of what a natural gas explosion felt like (see comment #9).

Related to the New Madrid faultline–here is a link to a broadcast yesterday, that talks about the preparations that FEMA is making, for a major disaster related to a quake on the New Madrid fault line within the next three years (you can skip to a little past the half way point).

Whether or not there are underground explosions happening–it may be news to many people that there IS a type of earthquake that is expressed as a loud boom or thundering.   Something is definitely happening along the New Madrid fault line already.

Here is my disclaimer:  I have no proof of anything.  I am merely speculating, but here are my thoughts and opinions.

Gulf Oil Spill 2010 #4

Gulf Oil Spill 2010

Gulf Oil Spill 2010

(the water turns to blood--a foreshadowing?)

Gulf Oil Spill 2010 #5

innocent victim of 'the great prostitute who corrupted the earth by her adulteries'

WV Coal Mine Explosion 2010 #1

Procession of Ambulances

WV Coal Mine Explosion 2010 #2

WV Coal Mine Explosion 2010

Tesoro refinery explosion

Tesoro refinery explosion, April 2 2010


  • pre 3/23:
    • much opposition to Cap & Trade bill
    • many people calling for drilling ‘now!’–anywhere, everywhere
  • 3/23   Obamacare is signed into law, over incredible opposition
  • 3/26   Cap & Trade bill pronounced dead?
  • 3/31   Obama Ok’s offshore oil drilling  (some speculate he’s ‘throwing Republicans a bone’, after they were unable to prevent the passage of the Obamacare bill)
  • 4/2   Tesoro refinery explosion (Anacortes, WA)
  • 4/5   WV Massey coal mine explosion
  • 4/20  Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion  Halliburton [links to Cheney] blamed.  Later revised to be caused by a methane bubble. (Foreign press speculate it was a torpedo attack from a North Korean mini-sub)
  • post 4/20:
    • resurrection of Cap & Trade bill?  Calls for even more regulation.
    • relative silence from proponents of offshore drilling

Q: Coincidence?  Sabotage?  Who would stand to gain the most?
A: Cap & Trade Legislation–a very important part of the Obama agenda.

‘ . . . a stern-faced king, a master of intrigue, will arise. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does.’   (Daniel 8:24)

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