To summarize, the situation at Fukushima continues to be very bad.  I believe the reason we are no longer hearing news about it is not that the situation has improved, but that the news is actually pretty grim.  It is a disaster unfolding in slow motion.

As far as I understand, the EPA has suspended all monitoring of  radiation fallout over the U.S.  from Fukushima.  Additionally, the Norwegian Institute for Air Research (NILU) is no longer providing forecasts to the public.  This gives the illusion of ‘no news is good news’–however, it amounts to a blackout of information to the American people.

Fortunately, EneNews is still providing news out of Japan regarding the reactors, and Arnie Gunderson of Fairewinds Associates is continuing to follow the situation.  There are most likely news sources out of Europe or Russia too.

The situation, as of 5/13/11:

Unit #1 is in a state of meltdown and is leaking radioactive cooling water.  It is possible that the melted fuel (‘lava’) will burn through the bottom of the reactor and fall into the water below.

Unit #2 continues to leak radioactive water into offsite trenches.

Unit #3  previously had a serious explosion that ejected nuclear fuel 2 kilometers from the reactor.  The explosion did serious damage within the reactor.  A hydrogen explosion is still possible.  It is also leaking radioactive water.

Unit #4 is tilting at the top.  This is the building where they were storing a large number of spent fuel rods.

Groundwater contamination continues; ongoing ocean contamination is probable;  air contamination continues unabated, with a number of different types of radioactive particles wafting over the Pacific Ocean, North America, and beyond.

In addition, a 60 year old plant worker died, on the job, for no apparent reason.

This is all bad news, but apparently no one wants to alarm the public.

Now, two months after the quake, 35 of Japan’s commercial reactors have been shut down for various reasons.  This represents 2/3 of their reactors.  Surely it is causing power shortages and having economic repercussions.  However, the March megaquake and tsunami have washed away any illusions that ‘it can’t happen here’, and the Japanese are not taking any more chances.

What will it take to wake up people in America?  Or will our government and media make sure that we  remain blissfully unaware, so that they can continue to pursue their own agenda?