God still speaks to His children. His voice is not loud and demanding. He does not clamor for our attention. He does not flatter or manipulate us. If you want to learn to ‘hear’ His voice, you need to shut off all the other voices that are determined to drown out His.

I’m not talking about shutting off the TV and radio for awhile and doing some kind of meditation or ‘contemplative prayer’. Not at all. I’m talking about no longer giving audience to the voices of the adversary . . . no longer giving them a place of influence in your life. What I’m talking about is shutting off the TV and radio pretty much permanently, and learning to live in stillness. Then, if your heart is attuned to the Holy Spirit, you won’t miss it when He speaks to you.

You reap what you sow. How much are you willing to set aside to deepen your relationship with God?