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1/26/11 Update  on:

‘And Great Flocks Of Birds Fell From The Sky’

I have heard that some people heard ‘sonic booms’ or a sound like thunder around the same time as the birds died, that night in Beebe, Arkansas.  (Beebe is not far from Guy, Arkansas where numerous small earthquakes have been felt recently).

A number of people in Indiana reported hearing the same thing,  near Indianapolis the day before the birds in Beebe died. The shaking only lasted about 10 seconds.  They were told it was a 3.8 magnitude earthquake (3 miles deep), but some still question why it sounded and felt like an explosion, rather than like a typical earthquake.

Apparently, one guy in Indiana (and his mother in law) heard 3 loud booms at the same time that his friend, Anton, in NC heard the same thing.  I believe this took place on 1/1/11.  He is still trying to find out whether anyone else between Indiana and North Carolina heard the same thing at that time.

So, here is another thought–again, having to do with fault lines and methane releases:  perhaps methane is making its way through the New Madrid fault line and causing underground explosions . . .

Here is a brief description of what a natural gas explosion felt like (see comment #9).

Related to the New Madrid faultline–here is a link to a broadcast yesterday, that talks about the preparations that FEMA is making, for a major disaster related to a quake on the New Madrid fault line within the next three years (you can skip to a little past the half way point).

Whether or not there are underground explosions happening–it may be news to many people that there IS a type of earthquake that is expressed as a loud boom or thundering.   Something is definitely happening along the New Madrid fault line already.

I picked up this link from a new blog at Stephen Collin’s site.  It talks about changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.  It got me to wondering whether this might be another sign pointing to the possibility of earthquakes or eruptions happening soon in the Gulf region.


One other thought.  I had read something, a couple of days ago, about a new TV show in the works–it may be called ‘Disappeared’–where experts track contestants who try to disappear off-grid.  (Ha, ha . . . real funny . . . since there are more and more people who wish to do just that.)  It sounds to me like this show will be a way to ‘get into the heads’ of people who wish to hide, in order to eliminate blindspots in current tracking methods.

A couple thoughts about wanting to hide:

  • Not everyone who wishes to be hidden ‘has something to hide’ or is a danger.  Some people just deeply love their freedom and resent an omnipresent government.
  • Some people, who don’t submit to God, DO believe in Bible prophecies and wish to escape the things that are coming, by their own efforts.  Perhaps this show will demonstrate to them that their efforts will mostly be futile.  The only real hiding place is ‘in God’ and He can hide us in plain sight, if He so chooses.

Whatever it may mean, Daniel 11: 33-34 tells us:

“Those who are wise will instruct many, though for a time they will fall by the sword or be burned or captured or plundered.  When they fall, they will receive a little help, and many who are not sincere will join them.”

I interpret this to mean that there will be non-believers who will see an opportunity to make a buck by helping and hiding believers–for a price.  Could it also be that God throws a monkey wrench into the enemy’s plan by using the increasing fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field to make it harder to use technology to track people?

No matter what happens Christian, never forget: God is in control!  He will have the last laugh, so to speak.  Our universe rests in the palm of His hand.  Nothing is too hard for Him!

An Urgent Prophetic Warning For The People Of God!  (Part 1)

‘Global Warming’ or ‘Scorched Earth’?

Here is my disclaimer:  I have no proof of anything.  I am merely speculating, but here are my thoughts and opinions.

Gulf Oil Spill 2010 #4

Gulf Oil Spill 2010

Gulf Oil Spill 2010

(the water turns to blood--a foreshadowing?)

Gulf Oil Spill 2010 #5

innocent victim of 'the great prostitute who corrupted the earth by her adulteries'

WV Coal Mine Explosion 2010 #1

Procession of Ambulances

WV Coal Mine Explosion 2010 #2

WV Coal Mine Explosion 2010

Tesoro refinery explosion

Tesoro refinery explosion, April 2 2010


  • pre 3/23:
    • much opposition to Cap & Trade bill
    • many people calling for drilling ‘now!’–anywhere, everywhere
  • 3/23   Obamacare is signed into law, over incredible opposition
  • 3/26   Cap & Trade bill pronounced dead?
  • 3/31   Obama Ok’s offshore oil drilling  (some speculate he’s ‘throwing Republicans a bone’, after they were unable to prevent the passage of the Obamacare bill)
  • 4/2   Tesoro refinery explosion (Anacortes, WA)
  • 4/5   WV Massey coal mine explosion
  • 4/20  Gulf of Mexico Deepwater Horizon oil rig explosion  Halliburton [links to Cheney] blamed.  Later revised to be caused by a methane bubble. (Foreign press speculate it was a torpedo attack from a North Korean mini-sub)
  • post 4/20:
    • resurrection of Cap & Trade bill?  Calls for even more regulation.
    • relative silence from proponents of offshore drilling

Q: Coincidence?  Sabotage?  Who would stand to gain the most?
A: Cap & Trade Legislation–a very important part of the Obama agenda.

‘ . . . a stern-faced king, a master of intrigue, will arise. He will cause astounding devastation and will succeed in whatever he does.’   (Daniel 8:24)

Do You Recognize This Man?

Prelude To: Did We Do This?