Here’s some more info on the people around Obama–in this case, the ones who influenced his identity and his political thinking.

In 1988 Obama travelled to Kenya to learn more about Barack Sr.’s family and identity.  He came away deeply affected by stories of  his grandfather’s abuse at the hands of the British. Whether or not this is when it began, it is pretty clear that Obama despises the British.

The real reason Obama loathes the British

As a young man, Obama was mentored by Frank Marshall Davis (a Communist pornographer, pedophile, bisexual swinger).  This relationship was a critically important precursor to Obama’s political career.

The links between Frank Marshall Davis, Obama, the Jarretts and the Communist Party

Democratic Socialists Of America

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(The big question, still unanswered, is: how did Stanley Dunham (Obama’s grandfather) and Davis meet–what is their connection?)

The Men Who Surround Him

Who Really Pulls Obama’s Strings?

Where Are Bill And Bernardine Now?