Christian–VERY difficult times are approaching.  The prudent man sees what is coming and plans ahead.  In the face of things that are coming, your money will not save you–but your faithfulness to God will.

I have a suggestion, for those of you who have land.  Please take the idea to God in prayer.

Many people are in dire straits now, and others will be soon.  If you have land, please consider partitioning your land and renting it to people that you know, who are in need, whom you can trust.  You may not realize what a blessing you could be, to a family in need, if you would allow them to park an RV or build a little cabin and have a place to put in a garden and live a simple life.

Let me suggest some advantages to you, by doing this:

  • You will store up some treasure in heaven.
  • You will increase your own income somewhat, or you could  receive eggs, fresh garden produce or labor (such as for cutting firewood, building, or doing home repairs) in lieu of rent.
  • You will increase your own safety, if you choose the families wisely, because they will also do their part to protect your land, and to pray for God’s safety and blessing for all of you.

You probably have reservations–serious reservations against doing such a thing.  I can appreciate that.  Yes, there are considerations such as legality, zoning laws, and liability. But we are facing unprecedented disasters in the days ahead.  I urge you to put your trust in God and know that He will bless those who obey Him.  I really believe, that as things begin to play out, such considerations will fall by the wayside.

Please seek God, and His will, now.  We all have something to contribute, and He has a plan for each of us.  He will lead some of us to store up provisions and create a place to stay, where He can lead others for a season.  Some of us can share comfort and encouragement. Others have medical or construction skills which can be put to practical use. Lets start seeking God’s will now, so that He can have us in place when that day comes

Let us return to the spirit of the early church, where each was willing to share what they had and receive what they needed.  Let us prepare our hearts to work together, as the body of Christ should.  Let us truly seek first the kingdom of God, the welfare of other believers, and the will of God.