There seems to me to be some kind of a spiritual law, that once you begin doing something voluntarily, it will eventually become mandatory–either by legislation, necessity or addiction.

It was great when a woman could go to work and the family could have some extra things–now it is a virtual necessity.  How many young women wish they had the opportunity to be stay-at-home moms?

How many smokers went for months, after they first began smoking, having only four cigarettes a day–until they got confident in believing they weren’t hooked, and then dropped their vigilance–only to have some stressful event push them over the line and, before they knew what had happened, they were smoking a pack a day?

Could it be that when we have the audacity to step beyond societal norms, eventually the shock wears off and it becomes ‘the new normal’? Society seems to have a kind of inertia, that a lot of energy is required to change anything–I guess that’s what they call the ‘status quo’ and people’s ‘comfort zone’.  Once things change, they rarely change back–at least not anytime soon.   I think the radicals that have hijacked America are banking on that–that the American people won’t have the energy, or the resolve, to put forth the  effort to overturn what they do, but will simply grow used to the ‘new normal’.  Maybe this is why so much was done so early in Obama’s term.

Obviously another strategy was used too: overwhelming the system–only in this case, it was overwhelming the people (mentally & emotionally) by throwing so many things at them in rapid succession.

Change, in and of itself, is stress provoking, but then they have ratcheted things up by throwing out accusations that are intended to provoke a strong emotional reaction and to divide people that otherwise might be able to work together to find a more reasonable common ground (than the extreme agenda they are determined to force upon us).

Even so, I don’t think they have been getting the degree of reaction that they are seeking–and I have gained a new sense of respect for the American people, when I see how they are (by and large) not taking the bait.  So, they have begun to resort to the kind of tactics used by a bratty kid sister:

  • do something and blame it on the other
  • provoke the other to do something and then run and tattle

You see, with all the bills they have passed, they are itching for the final step:  plug it in and light it up!  But, in order to ‘light up’ the new government they’ve created, they need a crisis.  If they can’t provoke enough civil unrest, perhaps they can open the door sufficiently to invite an attack from outside our borders.  Either way, they will keep poking and prodding until something finally happens, and then they will institute martial law.  After that, things will never be the same again.

I hope it doesn’t happen.  I hope we have time to make a difference at the polls in November, and in 2012–but don’t you think they’ll do all they can to see that that never happens?  You saw how much effort was put into ‘passing’ the healthcare agenda–do you think they’ll simply play by the rules and wait to see what happens with the election?  NO!!  These are pro-active people . . . who don’t play by the rules.  They are driven, and they are determined.

I hope we get to see another election, but November is a long ways off, and I won’t be surprised if we don’t.