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” 23.  There were, originally, countless contradictory versions of the Koran until Caliph Uthman ordered the Qur’an collected into one volume about 40 years after Muhammad died. (about 650 AD) cf. Hadith 709 & 507.

The only reason the modern versions of the Koran have only small variations between the various versions, is because a formal edict was issued in 800 AD that outlawed, under pain of execution, the possession of any Koran version other than the one chosen by Caliph Uthman. (Basically, Caliph Uthman chose a version of the Koran that we was familiar with.) Historically, it was not even the best choice, but the most convenient choice.

Contrary to Muslim claims, there are no ancient copies of the Koran dating before 745 AD in museums.”


Quoted from:  http://www.bible.ca/islam/islam-encyclopedia-westerners-need-to-know-list.htm

” 22.  Zaid bin Thabit’s Second Account of the Collection of the Qur’an, in Hadith 509, proves that the Koran was never compiled into one volume during the life time of Muhammad.

The Hadith shows how it was feared that portions of the Qur’an would be lost. This indicates that there was not yet a complete recognized cannon. Abu Bakr was not familiar with a collected Qur’an and said that Muhammad had never decreed it be collected. The best that was available was “fragmentary scripts.”

When ordered to compile the Qur’an, Zaid at first refused on the grounds that Muhammad had not done so. Zaid declared that it would be a difficult task. There were three methods of recording Zaid searched out – palm leaf stalks, thin white stones and also from the men who knew it by heart. One verse was found only in the possession of one man.”

Quoted from:  http://www.bible.ca/islam/islam-encyclopedia-westerners-need-to-know-list.htm

” 21.  That Islam was invented by Muhammad, is proven by the fact that the Koran indicates that the Christian trinity is made up of the Father, Son and Mary (Jesus Mother). This heretical doctrine was indeed taught by the Collyridlans and Ebonites who had fled to Arabia. Muhammad learned Christian doctrine through these heretics and incorrectly assumed it was representative of Christianity in general.”

Quoted from:  http://www.bible.ca/islam/islam-encyclopedia-westerners-need-to-know-list.htm

As He always has, God will let His light shine forth to infuriate the forces of darkness into attacking.  This will bring judgment upon them–but this time, their judgment will be quick in coming!

Here is my theory on what is about to happen.

Much has come to light lately, about the role of the elite/shadow government/Jewish bankers and who they are.  (This is something that I first heard whispered about over 20 years ago.)  I think there is a tendency either to accept the whole, intricately woven conspiracy as truth or to dismiss it outright as fable–but have you considered that it might be only the tip of the iceberg?

I believe it is by satan’s design that this whole evil scheme has been leaked to the people, as a clever foil to the unveiling of the antichrist as mankind’s messiah.  I believe the stage is being set for the next phase of satan’s war against the Jews (and Christians).

I believe much of what has been said about the Bilderberger’s, the elite, the monarchy, etc. is true.  But I’m sure not all of it is–although I couldn’t say which aspects have been embellished.  I do know that my interpretation of the Denver International Airport murals is very different from what most people are saying (but I don’t have a reassuring explanation for the Blue Horse or, the latest edition, the Egyption God Of The Dead statues).

I do believe the elite are guilty of many things, but I believe that in the mad rush to punish them that will soon ensue, much evil will be done.  I believe that this will happen for several reasons

  • Many people have suffered greatly because of their schemes and will be happy to know who to blame–and punish
  • People will be terrified by the agenda that has been in play, and will be desperate to stop it in its tracks
  • They will be driven by a chorus of angry voices shouting for action and exposing more details
  • Outraged people will advocate doing ‘whatever is necessary’ to stop them–even breaking laws, changing laws, and enacting new ones
  • Some people will take matters into their own hands–vigilantes
  • Some of the elite’s actions, motivations, and plans will be exaggerated by people who are energized by the mayhem
  • In their fear and desperation, people’s discernment will suffer, and they will join themselves to anyone else who opposes the elite–it will create an ‘us vs. them’ mentality and many people will  join together, that never would have otherwise, to fight the common enemy
  • The frenzy will acquire momentum and many innocent people will be accused of being part of the conspiracy
  • People will advocate depriving the accused of their current legal rights and there will be little or no time between accusation and sentencing

I believe one has already begun to oppose the elites and, when the time is right, will launch a full-scale assault.  This will propel him to the exalted status of ‘Messiah’–even in the minds of many devout Jews and so-called Christians ( ‘Christians’ ).

As explained in other posts, I believe that the cabal of international (primarily Jewish) bankers and wealthy elite that run the shadow government of the US is the ‘Whore of Babylon’ referred to in the book of Revelation.  I don’t point out that they are Jewish through any animosity of my own toward the Jewish people.  It is merely observation that so many of them are Jewish–and it is an important factor in understanding what will happen next, and why.

The elite have been the determiners (for some time) of who will ‘lead’ the USA–that is to say, who their president or ‘puppet’ will be.  It also seems likely that the allegations made against them in relation to their secret, annual ‘Bohemian Grove’ meetings (Luciferian rituals) are true.

I’ll admit, I do take a small amount of pleasure in the irony of what has happened to them.  For years they have been conjuring satan at their meetings, and now they finally have him . . . sort of . . . but it’s not at all the way they had planned!  It looks like their carefully groomed presidential puppet has provided the habitation that satan was waiting for.

Who could have guessed, that when satan arrived, he would prove to be a little more challenging than they had foreseen?  Did they really think that he was going to play the part of lap dog to a cabal of Jewish men who wanted to rule the world?  What he really intends to do next is to ‘throw them under the bus’!

There are several things to always keep in mind about satan

  • He hates Jews (he hates anyone descended from any of the 12 tribes of Israel)
  • He hates Christians
  • He is narcissistic
  • He trusts no one
  • He is loyal to no one
  • He is the ‘father of lies’
  • He knows and (mis)uses Scripture
  • He has constructed many different spiritual paths to lead men astray
  • He inspired the Koran

He repeatedly uses a couple of different strategies

  • Tempt someone into sin, take pictures (get proof and hold onto it), throw them under the bus later
  • He plays/controls both extremes–for example, The Catholic Church vs. satan worshipers (people who wish to avoid outright evil will often run to the opposite extreme)

I imagine that the elite will soon wake in terror, now that satan is on the scene and is actively working toward their downfall.  They probably don’t see it yet.  Right now, it is most likely just a confusion, an uneasiness, an irritation that he isn’t following their plan.  Sort of like the mental anguish they have inflicted on their own victims, and on America . . . What they likely don’t see is that he is going to ‘throw them to the wolves’,  because that doesn’t jive with their paradigm of reality.

Obama has signed an executive order establishing a Council of Governors–which includes 10 state governors,  directly appointed to the council by Obama, and various other members from the Department of Homeland Security  (also appointed by Obama).   This gives the federal government control of the state National Guard units.

According to Revelation, the (first) Beast has 7 heads and 10 horns.  The 10 horns represent 10 kings that

‘have not yet received a kingdom, but who for one hour will receive authority as kings along with the beast’.

I believe the 10 governors, heading up the 10  FEMA districts, will fulfill this prophecy when (a planned, temporary period of) Martial Law is declared.  I believe Martial Law will be declared, regardless of whatever reason is stated at the time, to oust the ruling elite and finalize the government that Obama has been constructing with his multitude of czars and nationalized companies.


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Don’t think that Islam is the fastest growing religion for nothing–they actively seek new converts.  Here is one of the ways it happens.  (This may be an isolated incident, or it may be a new strategy for reaching our kids.)

By practicing ‘tolerance’ and ‘political correctness’, we have left the door wide open for this.

Tolerance and political correctness are not Biblical principles. Christian: are you going to follow the Word of God, or peer pressure?

Allah and God (the Creator, God of the Bible, Jehovah, Yahweh) are not the same. Some languages may incorrectly translate the two names as being the same, but they refer to two VASTLY different beings!

Allah is a false god, one of a great number of demonic beings that are in opposition to God (who created them). My own belief is that Allah is the leader of demons–the being we refer to as ‘Satan’, ‘Lucifer’, or ‘the devil’. But whether he is actually satan, or is some other demonic being, he is–beyond a shadow of a doubt–not who Christians or Jews refer to as God, Yahweh, or Jehovah.

Allah is an antichrist. That should be quite plain from the teachings of islam.

You can listen for free here, to learn about islam, including many, many passages from the Quran, etc.

(One other thing to keep in mind, regarding islam, is that the Quran condones lying if it helps promote islam. Don’t be surprised when you find out that muslims have told blatant lies–it happens all the time.)

Please . . . Do It For America

First Beast Rising

You can’t be a follower of Jesus and believe that Allah is the same as God.

It is very clear, if you compare the Scriptures (Holy Bible) and the Koran, that the Koran is the antithesis of Scripture.  The ‘god’ of the Koran (Allah) is known as Satan/The Devil in the Bible.

Only One Way?  How Intolerant!

I Hate Islam!!  But . . .

Although Obama claims to be a Christian, he definitely is not.  By his voting record, you can see.  He not only approves of abortion, he promotes it!!  Although political correctness demands that we allow a woman her ‘right to choose’, ABORTION IS A SIN AND A CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY!! If you are a Christian, and you have ANY problem whatsoever with that statement, you had better get on your knees before God and repent!

Abortion, Are You SURE You Have The Right?

But, this blog is not about abortion. It is about islam . . . and about Obama.   Our president is a man who claims all religions, yet practices none.  However, I believe he has a special place in his heart for islam.

Presidential Admissions (short video)

Islam is the most foul, blasphemous thing I have ever seen.  Every word I hear from the Koran makes me either want to laugh (because of how transparent it is in regards to who ‘inspired ‘ it), or vomit (because of the blasphemy).  Every word of that vile text came straight from the mouth of satan himself!!  And mohammed–he was demon possessed, just like hitler after him, who rose up in the same image and manifestation of satan.

I recently posted a blog on the koran   Warning To America: THE KORAN which I can’t even bear to read, it is so vile.

From what I have learned about islam, it seems very probable that The Antichrist is a muslim caliphate (the equivalent of a muslim pope).  However, I have two reasons to question that:

  1. What I understand from scripture, so far, is that the kingdom of The Antichrist will be attacked by two coalitions of predominantly muslim countries.
  2. I know, from history, that satan plays both extremes.

Just as demons perform a little show of allowing themselves to be exorcised by cross wielding Catholic priests, so can satan be the puppetmaster behind both an islamic caliph and the caliph’s archrival–whoever that may prove to be.  Don’t be so drawn into the drama that you see his archrival as a savior!  Just because someone is the enemy of your enemy, DOES NOT necessarily mean he is your friend!!

Satan wants to make it appear that there are many roads to righteousness and one road to damnation.  He will unite all religions together under the banner of ‘tolerance’ of the Antichrist, and he will proclaim Jehovah God, Creator of All, to be the source of damnation.  (This means unrelenting persecution and murder of Jews and Christians by the rest of the world.)

In fact, the reverse is true– Jehovah God is the only source of truth and salvation.  Allah IS NOT God, nor are any of the many other gods and ‘prophets’ who are worshiped by men.  Jesus (God) came to earth as a man, led a sinless life, died on the cross to pay for OUR sins, and ascended into heaven on the third day.  He is now seated on the throne in Heaven, awaiting the day (before this generation passes away) that He will return to Earth, defeat the armies of the wicked, pour out God’s wrath upon the evil, and take the throne on Earth, to rule over all mankind.  (Even so, come Lord Jesus.)

The man we have elected to run our country has his own agenda: to run America into the ground, to totally destroy her, to enslave her people, and hand her over to her enemies.  And God has willed it so–unless we repent!! We can fight Obama all we like, and cry out to God for help and deliverance but, unless we repent, it ain’t gonna happen!!

God Damn America?

I hate islam!!  But:

  • It’s not the only danger we are facing.
  • It is only one face of evil on a multiheaded beast.
  • It doesn’t necessarily mean you are my friend if you hate it too.
  • It doesn’t mean you are holy by virtue of fighting it.
  • It doesn’t make you my savior, or the messiah, if you deliver me from it.


  • The suffering islam would bring to America, may be one of the plagues God uses to cause our nation to repent.
  • Without repentance, we are in very real danger of being subject to sharia law (among other things, women will lose their rights, our children will be lost to vile islamic ideology, and amputations and executions will be the punishment for breaking the law).
  • The road, that takes us from where we are now, to sharia law, is one of many horrors and extreme suffering.

God loves us, is grieved if we choose this road and wishes, with all His heart, that we would repent instead!!

Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West