I listen to conservative talk radio, and it catches my attention when the host points out his record of being correct.  They’re right, they have been making accurate predictions–that’s why I listen to them!  I make predictions here too, and share my gut feelings about things.  But, I hesitate to say ‘I was right’ . . .

What are we really implying when we point to our record of accuracy?  Are we implying that because we were right in the past, we are special somehow?  Or that we will always continue to be right, and you should follow us? God forbid!  Can any of us really live up to that?

It profits me nothing, in this life, to be right about the things I am predicting.  They are things we’d rather not see come to pass.  I don’t write this blog for money or fame.  Being right about the  things I predict will probably paint a target on my chest.  Being popular would only make the target bigger!

The only thing I gain, if I am right, is credibility.  Credibility to tell you about the character of God, about what His Word says, about the deception that is everywhere you turn these days, about the sacrifice that Jesus made for those who will follow Him, and about how you can be one of His children too.