US Central Command emblem

For all of two days, the news was all about General McChrystal being fired or stepping down as commander of the war in Afghanistan.  Then, it was announced that General Petraus would take his place.  People’s concerns seemed to be calmed, and not much more was said.

Here, however, is the thing to watch:  who will head Cental Command now?  (Its area of responsibility is in the Middle East, including Egypt, and Central Asia.)  In order for Petraus to take over as commander of the Afghanistan war, he had to leave his position as commander of Centcom.

With things being ramped up for a potential strike against Iran, and the possibility of World War III being fought in the Middle East, commander of Central Command seems like a pretty important position for someone to hold.  In light of the awful nominations the president has made for other vacant positions, I have to wonder who it will be.

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