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I am amazed, that people who have been Christians for decades, and who have been watching for the signs of end-times prophetic fulfillment are now totally missing them.  This is tragic . . . watching for decades for signs of The Antichrist, then falling asleep as they begin to happen!

Here is why I think that is happening:  Christians have assumed that the ‘great deception’ will be some elaborate scheme to hide the true motives of The Antichrist and make him look good, rather than evil.  Instead, what I see happening is that we are being deceived to believe that evil is good (and good is evil), so that we will believe an openly evil Antichrist . . . is good.

These days, no one is attempting to hide their anti-Christian behaviors.  (Indeed, many antichrists are among us–too many to hide.)  And the Church has gone right along with the crowd, to the point where it has completely lost its discernment.

‘Christians’ now live like the world and believe like the world. The Church did not take seriously the admonitions to ‘come out and be separate’ and ‘touch no unclean thing’.  Instead, ‘Christians’ rationalized that they were living like the world to reach the world.  In fact, the very opposite happened.  ‘Bad company corrupt[ed] good character’, and all but a remnant of the Church is now immersed in the ‘great deception’.

To complete the great deception, everything has been redefined!

  • ‘God’ has been redefined as Allah, or anyone else you want to pray to
  • ‘Jesus’ has been redefined as a social activist
  • ‘Salvation’ is now the new name for a community experience of utopia
  • ‘Christianity’ now includes all religions, because there are said to be many roads to ‘God’
  • ‘Love’ has been redefined as tolerance

This has deceived people into believing that opposing God is:

  • Saying Allah is not God
  • Believing in private property rather than communism
  • Teaching that salvation is individual, necessary, and obtainable only through Jesus Christ
  • Calling sin for what it is

But the biggest irony of all is that this creeping paradigm shift will put ‘Christians’, who accept these new definitions, in the position of actually persecuting true, Bible-based, Fundamentalist Christians!  When will their eyes be opened?  It is true that ‘there is none so blind as he who will not see’!

It is not the lost whom Satan expends his best efforts on.  A God-denying Jew or a thoroughly deceived ‘Christian’, who does his bidding, is his most coveted trophy!!

To recap–if you are a Christian who has been looking for the signs of The Antichrist:

  • The Antichrist will be apparent to those who do not become deceived by the new definitions of Christianity (in other words Christian Fundamentalists).
  • Those that will be deceived are those who accept the new, modern definition of Christianity.
  • What one considers to be  ‘Anti-christianity’ is what is in opposition to what they believe is Christianity.

So, if you have been persuaded (deceived) into accepting the new definition of Christianity, then your definition of Anti–Christianity will also be wrong.  You will be unable to recognize what truly is Anti-Christianity!

Here are some of the signs/beliefs of real ANTI-Christ/Anti-Christianity :

  • Many roads lead to God
  • Allah, or whoever else you want to pray to, is God
  • Jesus came to teach us a better way to live
  • Salvation is a community experience
  • We will all be saved, together, when we work together to fix what’s wrong with the world
  • All religions are equally valid
  • God is love and doesn’t hate
  • God doesn’t judge
  • We must not apply labels such as sin, but we must be tolerant
  • We each have our own truth
  • God is within each of us
  • We must strive to reach our full potential

Please don’t walk away from this post until you really understand what I’m saying.  You have heard the warnings about not being deceived, and about the great deception that was coming . . . what I am trying to open your eyes to is a GREAT DECEPTION that is happening, right here, right now!  Don’t let it suck you in!



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While Christians have been looking for the ‘end-time’ religion everywhere else, Islam has been sweeping across the globe.  Islam is one of the fastest growing religions in the world.  The influence of ‘Christianity’*  is declining, and Islam is moving in to fill the void.  I believe Islam is the ‘end-time’ one-world-religion that Biblical prophecies describe.

Islam is a system of governance, that rules by a system of law (Sharia) that is not based upon the 10 commandments that God gave to men.  It is a system of law based upon the teachings of satan contained in the Quran and other Islamic writings.  This law, and system of governance, demands that every soul on earth be in submission to it and, furthermore, involves and demands worship from its subjects.

Islam makes no separation between ‘church’ and ‘state’.  Indeed, it inextricably weaves the two together.


*My belief is that the way most ‘Westerners’ have practiced Christianity has weakened its power and compromised the gospel message.  We have adopted the culture and standards of the West, creating a ‘lukewarm’ Christianity that appeals to very few. In the end, it will not stand against the forces that will oppose it, but instead, will seek to find common ground and join with them.  God is calling His true followers to separate themselves from this watered down, in-name-only ‘Christianity’.


My belief is that the first beast (spoken of in Revelation 13) is a new, socialist, Islamic, empire that rises from the ruins of America.  Our current America is represented by the seven heads; and the new, socialist, Islamic Amerika-led world empire is represented by the ten horns.

Rulership/authority will change from the seven heads (global elites that have been in power for hundreds of years) to the ten horns (ten new rulers, on the not-so-distant horizon).

The revolution/coup is already taking place before our eyes, but thanks to the spin the media puts on everything, many people are unaware.  Of those that are spiritually discerning and are wakening to what is happening politically, few recognize its Biblically prophetic significance.


Notice that the second beast (with two horns like a lamb, who ‘speaks like a dragon’) is a religious leader.  Many Christians refer to him as ‘The False Prophet’.  (Not to be confused with ‘The Antichrist’, who is the ‘mouth’ of the first beast.)

This religious leader will ‘[exercise] all the authority of the first beast’ (world empire) ‘on his behalf, and [make] the earth and its inhabitants worship the first beast’ (world empire).

In other words, we will have a world-wide religious leader exercising all the authority of the beast (the world government). This can all come together, quite simply, under an Islamic world government.

But, if you’ve read my other posts, you know that I believe the world empire (called ‘the first beast’), is America.  I still believe this, because I believe that America fits the description.  And, as I’ve stated here, I believe the first beast will be an Islamic world government.  So . . . that must mean an Islamic America . . .

Is an Islamic America really a possibility?  As unbelievable as the idea was just a few short years ago, there seems to be a good probability of it all coming together under the ‘leadership’ of Barack Obama. Furthermore, to me, he seems to fit the description of the one referred to as ‘The Antichrist’, as I have outlined in other posts.

Yes, it all seems quite surreal to me too.  Christian, if you really want to know the truth, I ask you to commit yourself to pray to God and read your Bible.

If you are not a Christian–Jesus Christ is where it all begins.  Without Jesus Christ, you do not have the Holy Spirit.  The Holy Spirit is the ‘key’ that opens the spiritual ‘lock’ on the Holy Bible, so that we can understand it.  Without help from the Holy Spirit, you will not be able to understand the Word of God.


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We are in a war!  It is a war in the spirit realm–a war between Christians and Satan.  The prize is the kingdom of Earth–where all mankind will be united under one leader.

The first ruler of this earthly kingdom will be The Antichrist.  He will make war on Israelites and Christians, because he can’t stand to have any opposition.  At the same time, there will be various wars, struggles, disasters, etc. on Earth, as this spiritual war manifests itself in the physical realm.  If you aren’t aware that, behind it all, there is one war in the spirit realm, you will probably be seeing many seemingly unrelated things happening.  You may be confused about many things, even if you study Biblical prophecies.  (In addition to Bible prophecies often being vague and confusing, Satan is actively creating as many other teachings, interpretations and explanations as he possibly can.)

What is important to remember is this:  The war is in the spirit realm.  The war is being fought directly between Christians and Satan, for control of the kingdom of mankind on earth.The only way you can fight this battle is by relying on Jesus.

Many of the details of what happens in the physical realm are given in the Bible.  However, little is specified about what is happening in the spirit realm.  I will give my best interpretation and opinions–based on my study of the Bible and being a Christian for nearly 30 years.

We are told in the book of Ephesians that we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but spiritual powers of darkness.  We have to remind ourselves that what we see is only a small part of what is real.  The small part we see may not help us understand the unseen any more than a single leaf can give us a clear understanding of a tree.  The only way to see the whole picture is to study God’s Word and pray for understanding.

The book of Revelation tells that, when Satan was still in Heaven, the angels that were loyal to God fought him and the angels that had ‘crossed over to the dark side’.  Satan and his angels ‘were not strong enough, and they lost their place in heaven’.  Then they were cast down to Earth. (Woe to us, because he is filled with fury since he knows his time is short).

The book of Daniel tells us that The Antichrist (empowered by Satan) will wage war against Christians and will be defeating them (in the physical realm), until the Lord comes and pronounces ‘judgment in favor of the saints of the Most High’ (Christians),who are then given the kingdom.

Just as earthly soldiers fight wars for their country, while their leader isn’t on the front lines-so will Christians fight to win the kingdom for God, while their  king-to-be (Jesus) waits in the wings.

If you are someone who has heard or read Bible prophecies, you’re probably going to think that’s wrong, because you know that Jesus will come to Earth and fight in the physical realm when he returns–before he is enthroned as king.  BUT, remember, the war I’m talking about is in the spiritual realm.  Jesus comes for the ‘mop up’ , so to speak (in the physical realm).

It is up to us,  who live on Earth, to do spiritual battle for the spiritual title to the kingdom of mankind on Earth.  So far, Satan and fallen man have the title, and are holding it firmly.  This is because we are not fighting in the spiritual realm, and Satan is walking all over us!!

Most Christians are content to ‘live and let live’ with regards to evil.  That is not God’s plan.  We are to be active in engaging and fighting evil, remembering that what we see in the physical realm is the fruit, while the roots are found in the spirit realm.  We need to go to the spirit realm to dig out the roots.  In order to battle in the spirit, we need to live holy lives.  Indeed, living a holy life is spiritual battle.  In some unseen way, it tips the balance of power towards the side of good.

Now, none of us is good, and none of us can live holy or do spiritual battle on our own.  It is only through depending on Jesus that we can do anything.  But it is important that we be doing spiritual battle.  We ARE in a war, like it or not.  Either we fight, or we surrender–every day.

So, where are we at right now?  We are in a spiritual battle with Satan, with glimpses of it, here and there, in the physical realm.  I believe that, because we have not been living holy lives, the balance has tipped in favor of Satan.  So much so in fact, that soon he will be able to pretty much unite the world under one puppet leader (The Antichrist) that he will choose, enthrone and empower.

Once The Antichrist is in place, God will allow him to have authority for three and a half years.  During this time he will do his best to win over everyone on Earth.  Those that he can’t charm, he will threaten.  In a continued escalation of force, those who are unmoved by his threats, he will persecute.  When that doesn’t work, he will punish and/or and execute.

Although he is blindly narcissistic and egotistical, I believe there may be another reason he puts so much effort into winning people over.  I think the worship he receives, from those he causes to submit to him, gives him more spiritual power.  (I also believe that dying for what you believe is very powerful in the spirit realm.  This could be a reason that he doesn’t simply execute his opposition at the outset.)

After some time of his ‘winning’ in the physical realm, by killing many Christians (in the physical realm we consider it a loss to die in battle), the balance of spiritual power shifts.  At the appointed time, God ‘calls the match’–in favor of the Christians. We are told that the Christians overcame Satan by the blood of Christ, their testimony, and by being willing to die for Him (and, of course, many did).

I think it may also be, in addition to the number of martyrs, that after real persecution sets in, the veil of deception we’ve been living under is lifted and we are able to stop denying the spiritual war we are in–and we get serious about living for God and fighting evil.

One other point, and word of warning I have to make:  Only those who fight will win.  If you fight to the end, without giving in or giving up, you win.  The days of being able to ‘sit on the fence’ spiritually are almost over.  You will get off the fence, or you will be knocked off the fence soon.  If you choose ‘God’s side’, you will have to fight–you cannot be on His side and ignore the battle.  If you choose God’s side, you have to live holy, and that is half the battle!

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I recently praised a little girl for taking the time to thank God for her food.  I added that some people don’t think about God very much.  Her response shocked me: ‘Because they think they are Him?’ she asked.  Kids can say some really profound things!

A child recently asked me ‘What Does the Devil look like?’  I interpreted that to mean: ‘How can I know it’s the Devil if I see him?’  A very good question.

As I was explaining that nobody knows what he looks like, and mostly you know if it’s the Devil by how you feel in your heart, I was asked if he was white.  I had to chuckle.  ‘Some people would say so’,  I responded.   I added that others would say he was black and some would say he is red.   Then I explained that he might look like a shining star, or like a dragon, or a snake.

It’s not something we can pin down.  The Scriptures say that he can ‘even appear’ as an angel of light, from which it can be inferred that isn’t how he usually looks.

He is also referred to as a dragon, in Revelation, and a serpent, in Genesis, which seduced Eve to sin (and resulted in all serpents being cursed to crawl on their belly).   That would infer, prior to that curse he had legs.  A ‘serpent’ /snake with legs could be describing a dragon here too.  And, there are other places in Scripture that translate the word ‘serpent’ or ‘dragon’, depending on the version of translation.

Satan, the Dragon, was thrown down to Earth, from Heaven, when he rebelled against God.  He is referred to, in some places, as ‘Leviathan’ and is said to live in the sea’.  Chapter 41, in the book of Job, is completely devoted to the description of a dragon. I don’t know if this is describing Satan, or just any generic dragon that lived on Earth at the time.

Children don’t have any problem believing this, but most adults probably see it as pretty far-fetched.  We are used to seeing angels portrayed as little, naked toddlers with wings, or as women with blond hair, arrayed in white silk, with wings on their backs and halos on their heads. How in the world did we settle on these images?

Unless I’m forgetting something, the angels that Scripture describes are mature, masculine beings–or ‘living creatures’ that look like amalgamations of different animal and human parts, with wings, and many eyes all over their bodies!

Jesus also, in Revelation, appears as a lamb that looked as if it had been slain.  Apparently ‘shape shifting’ is the norm in the spiritual realm.

Which brings me to the reason I took the time to write this post: some of the things that we see in the years ahead may seem to be straight from a science fiction novel!

I suspect this for several reasons:

  1. In studying the book of Revelation, it is clear to me that the demon spirit that either is (or will possess the man who is) The Antichrist, is not Satan.  Rather, it is a spirit whose name is Apollyon.
  2. Shape shifting is part of the tradition of sorcery.
  3. I sense that Satan is using Hollywood to desensitize us to horrendous looking beasts and shape shifters.

So what does Apollyon have to do with it?  Maybe nothing.  But I have a hunch that he is a demon with a nonhuman appearance, and that he is included in ancient folklore.

Although his description is similar to the description of Satan/The Dragon in Rev. 12, they are not the same.

In Revelation 17 it is explained that he ‘once was, now is not, and will come up out of the Abyss and go to his destruction.  The inhabitants of the earth . . . (who aren’t Christians) . . . will be astonished when they see the beast, because he once was, now is not, and yet will come.’ (emphasis mine)  ‘The beast who once was, and  now is not, is an eighth king.’  (This refers to a vision involving 7 kings that come before him.  He is the eighth, and final king to rise from that kingdom–the Antichrist.)

Anyhow, my interpretation of the verses above gives me the idea that he may have a nonhuman appearance and be found in the writings of ancient man.

Ultimately though, if we are walking with the Lord, we will recognize him by the response of our spirit.  Will Christians that aren’t walking with the Lord recognize him?  I don’t know.  I wouldn’t want to be in their shoes.  Will nonChristians recognize him?  Definitely not.  (Although perhaps those that are involved in the occult will–but that’s a whole different story.  They may know he is a demon, but who know what twisted beliefs they have regarding what that means.)

Here is how I know for sure than nonChristians won’t recognize him:

  • ‘. . . but the fatal wound had been healed.  The whole world was astonished and followed the beast.’ (emphasis mine)
  • ‘All inhabitants of the earth will worship the beast–all whose names have not been written in the book of life belonging to the Lamb that was slain from the creation of the world.’
  • ‘Because of the signs he (the second beast/false prophet) was given power to do on behalf of the first beast (Antichrist), he deceived the inhabitants of the earth.’
  • ‘For false Christs and false prophets will appear and perform great signs and miracles to deceive even the elect–if that were possible.’
  • ‘The coming of the lawless one (Antichrist) will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing.  They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved.  For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie and so that all will be condemned who have not believed the truth but have delighted in wickedness.’

I don’t like to devote a lot of my time to speculation, but I thought it worthwhile to post this–in the hope that you will keep an open mind, and be willing to ‘think outside the box’ when it comes to prophecies. Most of all, I’d hate to see you have your mind so firmly made up about how things will happen that you fail to realize when they do.

We don’t know for sure how the fulfillment of prophecies will ‘look’, but I expect in a lot of cases it will be so mundane that it would be easy to miss–or so unbelievable and astonishing that we will be caught off guard!


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