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I picked up this link from a new blog at Stephen Collin’s site.  It talks about changes in the Earth’s magnetic field.  It got me to wondering whether this might be another sign pointing to the possibility of earthquakes or eruptions happening soon in the Gulf region.


One other thought.  I had read something, a couple of days ago, about a new TV show in the works–it may be called ‘Disappeared’–where experts track contestants who try to disappear off-grid.  (Ha, ha . . . real funny . . . since there are more and more people who wish to do just that.)  It sounds to me like this show will be a way to ‘get into the heads’ of people who wish to hide, in order to eliminate blindspots in current tracking methods.

A couple thoughts about wanting to hide:

  • Not everyone who wishes to be hidden ‘has something to hide’ or is a danger.  Some people just deeply love their freedom and resent an omnipresent government.
  • Some people, who don’t submit to God, DO believe in Bible prophecies and wish to escape the things that are coming, by their own efforts.  Perhaps this show will demonstrate to them that their efforts will mostly be futile.  The only real hiding place is ‘in God’ and He can hide us in plain sight, if He so chooses.

Whatever it may mean, Daniel 11: 33-34 tells us:

“Those who are wise will instruct many, though for a time they will fall by the sword or be burned or captured or plundered.  When they fall, they will receive a little help, and many who are not sincere will join them.”

I interpret this to mean that there will be non-believers who will see an opportunity to make a buck by helping and hiding believers–for a price.  Could it also be that God throws a monkey wrench into the enemy’s plan by using the increasing fluctuations in the Earth’s magnetic field to make it harder to use technology to track people?

No matter what happens Christian, never forget: God is in control!  He will have the last laugh, so to speak.  Our universe rests in the palm of His hand.  Nothing is too hard for Him!

An Urgent Prophetic Warning For The People Of God!  (Part 1)

‘Global Warming’ or ‘Scorched Earth’?

You can’t be a follower of Jesus and believe that ‘each of us has our own truth’.

If you believe this, you are like the sleeping crew of a ship that has lost its anchor.  You are drifting, unaware, and have no idea where you really are!

‘Truth’ is one of the most basic, fundamental principles in life!  Truth, absolute truth, exists–and there is only one truth!!  God is the author and embodiment of truth.  The Bible is the portion of the truth that He has chosen to reveal to mankind, to guide us through our lives on Earth.

For years, Satan attacked one truth after another, yet he only succeeded in deceiving some of the people each time.  But his plan calls for everyone to believe him (and to eliminate the ones that don’t.) Now the hour is late, and his time is running out.

He couldn’t conquer truth itself, so it is no wonder that he has finally decided to attack and subvert the very concept and definition of truth!

I don’t even know how to address this one–it’s completely absurd.

We live in a world where common sense has all but died, and where people think reality is just a creation of their own imagination.  They believe that if they change their thinking they can change reality . . . that if they deny something, it will lose its power to exist . . . that if more people, who desire the same reality, will join together, they will have more power to make it exist . . . that people who don’t desire the same reality will hinder their efforts.  (This is why they will first ignore ‘the opposition’, but when that doesn’t work will feel they must eliminate it.)

I’m not a philosopher.  I can’t contort my mind through the mental gymnastics that are necessary to understand this way of thinking.  All I can say is that I know they are wrong, because I have found truth.  Not just my truth, THE truth.  It exists.  It proves itself.  It remains constant.  It povides a sturdy anchor.  It doesn’t conform to me or my opinions–rather, it causes me to change and conform my opinions to it.

When I found THE truth, it was very different from the opinions I held as MY truth. Yet, when I put them in the ring together, THE truth won every round!

You can live in an alternate reality if you choose (we used to call that ‘insanity’ . . .).  You can define truth for yourself, and occupy your mind with the complex mental contortions of philosophy–but not if you are a follower of Jesus.  And, whether you are or not, someday you will come face to face with THE truth.  It will reveal itself and your eyes will be opened.  Hopefully, for you, the day that happens will not be judgment day.

How Can You Say Your Way Is The Only Way?

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