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Yep, you heard it right.  America’s most recently launched satellite, named ‘Glory’, failed to reach orbit and is believed to have fallen into the Pacific Ocean, several minutes after take-off.

Is this a sign?  A message from God?  Who knows.

But, if it IS a sign, what is the meaning we should take away from this?  America’s glory has fallen?  America’s glory is lost?  America’s glory has disappeared?  America’s glory is gone?

I’m not sure if God is speaking to us this way or not . . . time will tell.  If more strange (and appropriate) things like this happen, it will seem less likely that they are just coincidences.

Is there a sign to be observed from the Christ Church earthquake?  Well, Christ Church New Zealand suffers frequent earthquakes–so maybe not.

But then again, when the steeple of the Christ Church Cathedral comes toppling down, maybe you give it a second thought . . . This particular steeple was 206 feet tall, and could be seen from any point in the city.   It was, to Christ Church, what the Twin Towers were to New York City.

Perhaps if there was a common understanding as to the meaning of a steeple, its fall would have an easily recognized meaning . . . or maybe the steeple only draws our attention to the real message . . .

Perhaps the message is that Christ’s church (Christians) will be shaken, and the steeple falling was merely the exclamation point.