America is FAR more infiltrated by Islam than most realize.  Why is this important?  Because they seek global domination.  They are actively working to Islamacize America.  This means turning our American way of life upside down, eventually replacing it with a compulsory submission to Sharia Law.   There are many Islamic stealth jihadists working at high levels in our government (including the one in the White House, imo).  The takeover has progressed much farther than most of us have imagined.

We are easily able to recognize bold, violent attempts at dominance.  But most people are dangerously unaware of the slow stealthy forms of subterfuge that are being employed against us.  This series of videos is jam packed with information we NEED to understand, as our nation is being taken over from within.

Resistance to their efforts, by the majority of Americans, would be FAR more effective than waiting for our corrupt government to come to its senses and change its ways.  Resistance follows education.  Please take the time to watch these videos, so that you can understand how to resist this stealth jihad in your own church, workplace, schools, and community.  Understanding what is happening can mean you know when to say ‘no’, instead of allowing this ‘creeping Sharia’ to roll over you and your family, without even realizing what has happened.

(DISCLAIMER:  Neither I, not the videos, are advocating violence.)

If we don’t change our policies and attitudes (from accommodating and appeasing), violence will come to us.  Such attitudes from us only embolden these people to escalate their agenda.  Right now we are in the ‘pre violence phase’ of jihad.  Ironically, if we continue to submit and accommodate (knowingly or not), we will invite the violent phase of jihad against us to begin.