Have you wondered why we are still in Afghanistan when our ‘ homeland’ is going to hell in a handbasket?  (Here’s a couple of reasons we shouldn’t still be there.)

Well, here’s something else to wonder about: why has the United States Geological Survey spent 17 million dollars and a number of years to do a survey . . . in Afghanistan?

Could it be because, as Afghan President Hamid Karzai asserts

“I have very good news for Afghans.  The initial figures we have obtained [from the survey, expected to be released in a couple of months] show that our mineral deposits are worth a thousand billion dollars — not a thousand million dollars but a thousand billion.”

Hmmm, that kinds of strikes me as fulfilling Rev 17:2

“With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitatants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

If, as I believe, The Whore of Babylon is the western economic system (headquartered in NY), this could be an example of a ‘king’ (put into power by the US/Beast empire) ‘committing adultery with’ her (by putting his deals with outsiders ahead of the welfare of his people, or conducting them without their knowledge.)

The way the US operates its foreign governmental/military/economic policies, it is definitely not in the long-term interest of the Afghan (or any) people to do business with us.  But, what else are you going to do when the USA has you in its sights?

In my opinion, the inhabitants of the earth being intoxicated with the ‘wine of her adulteries’ speaks of the financial profit that many people will make from any deals between Afghanistan and the US & coalition partners, with regards to these minerals.

Isn’t it rather curious that the press says very little about our war in Afghanistan–and even less about the US government being involved in a natural resource survey there?  Could it be that it is not America that will profit from any deals that are made, but rather a small number of wealthy ‘westerners’ (the ‘elite’)?  Is this the manner in which our taxpayer funded military and USGS are supposed to be employed?

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