The Bible tells us to “take captive every THOUGHT to make it obedient to Christ”. (2 Corinthians 10:5) Everything we do, and everything we say, springs from what is in our heart. What is in our heart is determined by what we ALLOW in. We must use our minds, and our knowledge of Scripture, to determine what we should allow in, and what we should reject (a reason hypnosis is so dangerous is that it bypasses this safeguard).

Not every thought we have springs from within us. Sometimes, even unwittingly, we adopt the thoughts of others because of things we see and hear. Other thoughts are little ‘darts’ that the enemy sends into our minds.

We must study our Bibles to know the ‘mind of God’. Then we must purposely align our thoughts and beliefs with His. We must reject thoughts that are not in alignment with His Word. This is how we safeguard our souls. This is where the battle rages–first, in our minds. What we do, will spring from what we believe, and what we allow to take root in our heart.

Not seeing things from God’s point of view (not ‘having the mind of God’) is why so many people have persistent sin in their life that they seem unable to overcome. Our minds must be changed, towards our sin. It is not enough, merely to know that something is bad. Through study of the Word of God, we will understand WHY something is bad–and therein lies the motivation for change.

Then, the thoughts that precede the sin must be recognized and ‘taken captive’ (rejected). We can only recognize these thoughts, by learning what the Word of God says, and making God’s way of thinking our own.

This is how the Word of God transforms us: it allows us to view things through God’s eyes, it aligns our hearts with His, and it motivates us to change to please Him and to be more like Him.