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Quit Smoking

If you feel convicted to stop smoking cigarettes, don’t focus on the cigarettes . . . focus on the DEMON that keeps you addicted! This is why so many people are unable to quit–they never get rid of the demon.

Bind the spirit of tobacco addiction, in Jesus’ name, and command it to flee. Do this EVERY time you have the urge to smoke.

Every time you think about cigarettes, rebuke the thought, in Jesus’ name, and refuse to dwell on it. (We are to ‘take every thought captive’.)

Over time, you will be bothered less and less. From time to time (even months or years after you quit), a demon will come along and try to tempt you to start up again. Rebuke it in Jesus’ name, and refuse to allow yourself to think about it.

Resist the devil and he will flee from you! If he has a stronghold in your life, expect it to take more than a day or two. Demons can be persistent, but never give up! Greater is He that is in you, than he that is in the world.

FASTING, even just a meal at a time, will strengthen you spiritually and weaken ‘the flesh’. If you can fast, it will help you in your battle.

Remember, the battle is not against cigarettes, it is against the demonic forces of addiction. The devil comes to steal, kill, and destroy. Don’t let yourself be his victim. Get mad and fight back!

You need look no further than to the traditions of shamans and witch doctors of native tribes to see that herbs and plants are used to invoke the trance state where they commune with the (demonic) spirits. It’s been going on for ages, and still goes on today. That’s how the ‘white man’ learned to smoke tobacco–from Native American rituals. Native peoples also brew or ferment intoxicating beverages. Just because ‘civilized people’ are the ones now doing it, doesn’t mean it is something different.

Smoking weed, using mushrooms (or whatever), smoking tobacco . . . these practices are rooted in witchcraft.