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Christian parents, if you don’t already know it, we have a tremendous problem today, in regards to the widespread pressure to accept homosexuality.

I believe the widely promoted doctrine of  ‘tolerance’ is going to cause Christianity to become a stumbling block for most kids, causing them to reject it outright.   (At the end of this post, I will have a couple of suggestions for how to better position your child, so hopefully that doesn’t occur.)  Nevertheless, we must stand for truth–and the truth is that God does not accept homosexuality.

Some schools begin ‘tolerance’ training (of homosexuality, etc.) in kindergarten.  If they don’t, the peer group will, when one of the popular (or ‘alpha’) kids makes it a group rule for them.

There are all kinds of influences out there, including TV shows (for kids) that promote exploring their sexual identity.  There are kids whose ‘parents’ are a same sex couple.  There are others who have a brother, sister, mother, father, aunt, uncle, grandmother, grandfather, etc. who is gay or bisexual.  These families will have ‘educated’ their child about such alternative lifestyles at a much younger age than most Christian parents would dream of teaching their kids anything about sexuality!

The result of all this is that your child is learning about, and forming opinions about, homosexuality (‘and tolerance’) long before you would suspect. By the time you talk to your child about this, the ungodly have already presented them with the basic debate and their opinion will be swayed in that direction.

Homosexuality is a ‘line in the sand’ today, among nonChristians.  That is just as true for kids.

Homosexuality is popular today and, above all, most kids want to do what is  popular.  Your child has at least one friend or acquaintance at school that is homosexual, bisexual, or gender confused.  It has been found that most people support homosexuality once they learn that someone they care for is involved.

For this reason, for the average kid, a message in church against homosexuality is going to be a stumbling block to them.

Here’s what happens in your typical ‘seeker friendly’, all-inclusive youth group.  IF the youth pastor has the courage to speak to the kids, about homosexuality being wrong, the ‘alpha’ kids will get up and walk out . . . if that is permissible.  (Otherwise they will verbally instigate a ‘strike’ amongst the other kids, before the next meeting.)  Whatever an ‘alpha’ kid does, the other kids will quickly follow suit.

Most kids have two basic priorities, usually in this order:

  1. Fit in with the crowd at school
  2. Don’t get in trouble with Mom or Dad

(If you doubt that’s the order of their priorities, watch and see.  When push comes to shove, which risk do your kids prefer to take: disobeying you, or offending their friends?)

My bet is that 95-100% of the kids (whose parents allow them to decide), will drop out of the group, within a couple of weeks.  The kids whose parents would be supportive of the youth pastor will give their parents some plausible reason that they want to quit.

(I hope, if your child is talking about quitting, even if their reason sounds indisputable, that you would take the time to speak with the youth pastor and find out what his perspective on things is.  You just might learn that there is a lot more going on than when your child has chosen to mention.)

After the ‘alpha’ kids have made their statement, there are very few kids who will remain in such a group.  If you have a child who will stay, despite having heard the preaching against homosexuality, and despite their peers staging a mass walk-out, then you have an extraordinary child . . . one you can be extremely proud of . . . one who may be a true convert to Christianity.

The most troubling thing about this situation is that the kids have just learned to reject truth, and harden their hearts against it.  Many will never turn back to Christianity after this (peer group defined) ‘offense’.  So, should such controversial topics be avoided? By no means!!  In fact, I believe that they should be talked about much earlier.

I have great respect for any pastor, or youth pastor, who will tell the truth about homosexuality.  The cultural pressure against him is immense–not to mention the demonic opposition!  If your child’s youth pastor is one of these brave souls, I hope that you will firmly plant yourself in his corner–as well as convey your appreciation for what he is doing.

I also think it is important to teach your children (at an early age) that someday they will encounter teachers, other adults, friends, etc. who will not tell them the truth; that there are people who do things that are wrong, and are very stubborn about it; that some people do not want to please God or follow His rules; that someday people will try to get them to do things that are wrong and to stop trying to please God, etc.  Then, you will have set a foundation, so that you can begin to counter the influence of such people in their lives.

There is one other thing that I think deserves prayerful consideration:  the youth group your kids attend.  I’m sure there are many reasons for kids to attend a Christian youth group, and many different ways in which a family may decide which youth group in their community that the kids will attend.

The most popular reason for attending is likely for a social outlet.  It is yet another place that they can be with their peer group after school hours.  (There may also be parents having problems with their child who hope that such a group will be a good influence on their kid–but often it turns out the other way around.)

The most popular way of deciding which group?  Undoubtedly, the kids pick it.  (In fact, some families will let the child’s choice of youth group determine the church that their whole family will attend.)

Let me point out a couple of factors that I believe can actually cause a Christian youth group to do more harm than good, in the spiritual life of your child.

  1. If they attend a group close to home, they are most likely going to be amongst the same kids they attend school with.
  2. If it’s a big, all-inclusive group, most of the kids that attend have not made the decision to accept Christ as their savior.

Most likely a group close to home is going to favor your child’s comfort zone.  However, there is a well-defined social structure among their peer group from school.  Making sure they continue to follow the (peer) leader is going to interfere with their ability to be sensitive and obedient to spiritual promptings.  When push comes to shove, they will follow the crowd, rather than heed the promptings of the Spirit.

Rather than being able to have and develop, a personal (private) spiritual life, it is one more thing that is open to the observation and criticism of the kids they spend all day with.  If your child IS striving to follow Jesus, they may not have the deep spiritual roots needed to endure assaults on their new-found faith.

If the group is large, seeker-friendly, and all-inclusive, the ratio of kids to adults is just too large.   It will be the kids that run the group.  In a large group, the kids are too far removed from the youth pastor to develop a personal relationship with him.  Therefore, they will default to following their peer leaders from school.

While the youth pastor has the kids’ divided attention, he can speak to them for about half an hour.  But, if what he says contradicts that peer group’s values, for the next week the ‘alpha’ kids can regather their little flock and get them back in line.   Having access, at school, to the other kids in the group gives them ample opportunity to mock, scorn or criticize what the youth pastor said.

Hopefully this gives you a little better view into the dynamics of your child’s peer group, and the pressures that they face.  Armed with this knowledge, hopefully you can avoid some of the more common pitfalls, and wisely choose a youth group that will nurture them spiritually.

I urge you to consider a group that is primarily made up of those who have made a decision to follow Christ, or are sincerely seeking to learn more about Christianity.  Christian kids (especially) need opportunities to fellowship with other Christians– but if a youth group isn’t more or less limited to Christians, then it isn’t really filling that need.

Amongst kids, as amongst adults, only a small percentage truly want to follow Christ.  By creating large, seeker friendly, all-inclusive youth groups, we have brought the world inside the church.  But instead of the world becoming more like the church, the church has become more like the world.

By trying to meet the desires of the multitude, we create a virtual desert for those who really thirst for truth.  The few that are searching will hear a bland, powerless message geared to appeal to those who are there merely to socialize.  And sadly, they’ll go away dissatisfied, feeling that what they are looking for is not to be found in church.

I believe the most effective youth ministry is one that focuses on mentoring . . .  where each child can be close enough to a leader to form a relationship with them.  Here, amongst those that really are seeking Jesus, kids can lay aside the facade that they must wear at school all day, and they can open their heart and be vulnerable.

In this more personal setting, a foundation based on Biblical principles can be laid.  Here questions can be asked, truth can be shared,  struggles can be revealed, prayers can be sought, and refuge and support can be found.

Will They Take Away Our Children?

Is Your TV Stealing Your Soul?

Christians, Vampires And Dragons

I am amazed, that people who have been Christians for decades, and who have been watching for the signs of end-times prophetic fulfillment are now totally missing them.  This is tragic . . . watching for decades for signs of The Antichrist, then falling asleep as they begin to happen!

Here is why I think that is happening:  Christians have assumed that the ‘great deception’ will be some elaborate scheme to hide the true motives of The Antichrist and make him look good, rather than evil.  Instead, what I see happening is that we are being deceived to believe that evil is good (and good is evil), so that we will believe an openly evil Antichrist . . . is good.

These days, no one is attempting to hide their anti-Christian behaviors.  (Indeed, many antichrists are among us–too many to hide.)  And the Church has gone right along with the crowd, to the point where it has completely lost its discernment.

‘Christians’ now live like the world and believe like the world. The Church did not take seriously the admonitions to ‘come out and be separate’ and ‘touch no unclean thing’.  Instead, ‘Christians’ rationalized that they were living like the world to reach the world.  In fact, the very opposite happened.  ‘Bad company corrupt[ed] good character’, and all but a remnant of the Church is now immersed in the ‘great deception’.

To complete the great deception, everything has been redefined!

  • ‘God’ has been redefined as Allah, or anyone else you want to pray to
  • ‘Jesus’ has been redefined as a social activist
  • ‘Salvation’ is now the new name for a community experience of utopia
  • ‘Christianity’ now includes all religions, because there are said to be many roads to ‘God’
  • ‘Love’ has been redefined as tolerance

This has deceived people into believing that opposing God is:

  • Saying Allah is not God
  • Believing in private property rather than communism
  • Teaching that salvation is individual, necessary, and obtainable only through Jesus Christ
  • Calling sin for what it is

But the biggest irony of all is that this creeping paradigm shift will put ‘Christians’, who accept these new definitions, in the position of actually persecuting true, Bible-based, Fundamentalist Christians!  When will their eyes be opened?  It is true that ‘there is none so blind as he who will not see’!

It is not the lost whom Satan expends his best efforts on.  A God-denying Jew or a thoroughly deceived ‘Christian’, who does his bidding, is his most coveted trophy!!

To recap–if you are a Christian who has been looking for the signs of The Antichrist:

  • The Antichrist will be apparent to those who do not become deceived by the new definitions of Christianity (in other words Christian Fundamentalists).
  • Those that will be deceived are those who accept the new, modern definition of Christianity.
  • What one considers to be  ‘Anti-christianity’ is what is in opposition to what they believe is Christianity.

So, if you have been persuaded (deceived) into accepting the new definition of Christianity, then your definition of Anti–Christianity will also be wrong.  You will be unable to recognize what truly is Anti-Christianity!

Here are some of the signs/beliefs of real ANTI-Christ/Anti-Christianity :

  • Many roads lead to God
  • Allah, or whoever else you want to pray to, is God
  • Jesus came to teach us a better way to live
  • Salvation is a community experience
  • We will all be saved, together, when we work together to fix what’s wrong with the world
  • All religions are equally valid
  • God is love and doesn’t hate
  • God doesn’t judge
  • We must not apply labels such as sin, but we must be tolerant
  • We each have our own truth
  • God is within each of us
  • We must strive to reach our full potential

Please don’t walk away from this post until you really understand what I’m saying.  You have heard the warnings about not being deceived, and about the great deception that was coming . . . what I am trying to open your eyes to is a GREAT DECEPTION that is happening, right here, right now!  Don’t let it suck you in!



Christians, Vampires And Dragons

There Is Wonder-Working Power In The Blood

When Is The Rapture?

I am posting the comment below (submitted in response to:  ‘Christians, Vampires, and Dragons’) because it summarizes a lot of false beliefs that are popular these days.

Submitted by krakowski@live.com on 2011/03/04 at 10:47 pm

“No mortal man should know the name and will of god. As mortals, we have no right to deem what is suitable for all. Only god will deem each man and woman worthy of heaven.

So many have redone the bible, ripped out sections and tried to adapt it to themselves.

Salvation is found in the true belief and love of god, however you choose to find god. True faith is found in the love and acceptance of all people, as jesus christ taught the masses.

To do other is to do evil.

To believe any mortal knows the will of god is arrogance. To pretend to know it is a blasphemy all it’s own. God never speaks or comes through mortal man.

The words of a page are written by man. The words of faith are written by man. Only a true believer will know god, not by written words or coersion. Only true faith will lead each to god.

To have the love of christ, to share it with others, is to not judge–to accept, love and nurture each as who they are. Jesus Christ didn’t demand his followers to be different. He merely helped them be better people. He nurtured, guided and loved.

How can anyone, as followers of Christ, do less?”


When a person has too much pride in himself, he will be offended at the nature of God.

  • If a man prides himself on being ‘tolerant’, he will be offended that God appears to be intolerant.
  • If a man prides himself on being nonjudgmental, he will be offended to learn that God judges.
  • If a man prides himself on being kind, he will be offended at actions of God that he deems to be unkind.
  • If a man is exceedingly proud, he will be offended at any indication that God can be humble.

When man is prideful, he will be offended at the nature of God.  Then, he will set about to create a god in his own image–a god that reflects and protects his prejudices and beliefs . . . a god that excuses his weaknesses and justifies his behavior.  The gods that men create are gods that rubber stamp their beliefs and behaviors.

The ‘tolerant’ man will create a tolerant god, the nonjudgmental man will create a god that does not judge, the kind man will create a god who seems to be very kind, the exceedingly prideful man will create a god who is exceedingly arrogant, etc.

The god a man creates is a window into the man’s soul.

It usually turns out, however, that these ‘nonjudgmental’ gods appear to be quite judgmental towards others who don’t believe in them.  These ‘tolerant’ gods are quite intolerant of those who believe in Jehovah-God.  The kind gods are quite hostile towards those who follow the one, true God.

If your god is truly so tolerant, nonjudgmental, and kind . . . then lets see that reflected in your attitude, throughout the course of your life, towards EVERYONE–including those of us who follow Jehovah (because we surely do not serve the same God!)

And that is the crux of the matter–we do not serve the same God!

My God is not ‘tolerant’.  He is not nonjudgmental.  Nor is He always kind (according to the standards of man) in the short term.  He is a God of black and white . . . truth vs. lies . . . light vs. darkness . . . good vs. evil.  In fact, my God is SO judgmental that He will not just judge men by their actions–but by the intent of their heart!

It just happens that Jehovah/God does not fit  with the current picture of what is culturally acceptable!!

What absurd arrogance, to believe that our grand life experience (all of 120 years or less) qualifies us to know what nature God must have to equip him to rule the entire universe through all the ages!  How short sighted man is!

When men creates gods, they are gods that are relevant to their times and prejudices.  But, how will their god hold up when times and conditions change?  How can their god be fair and equitable, truly kind, righteous, and good, if everything and everyone is tolerated, and no one is ever judged?

What does their weak, ineffective god do or say when some pedophile kidnaps their little daughter, then rapes, tortures and kills her?  Is he tolerant of the pedophile?  Surely their tolerant, nonjudgmental god cannot judge him!  And if that pedophile commits suicide to avoid capture–will he be judged in the hereafter?  Who knows?  According to you,

‘As mortals, we have no right to deem what is suitable for all. Only god will deem each man and woman worthy of heaven.’

How great, and good, and just would you now believe your god to be if he decided not to judge that man?  If there was never justice or recompense for loss?

Or, what if he does judge that man?  Then we have to feel sorry for him, in a way, because (according to you)

‘To believe any mortal knows the will of god is arrogance. To pretend to know it is a blasphemy all it’s own. God never speaks or comes through mortal man.’

How could a pedophile, kidnapper, or murderer know that what he was doing was wrong . . . if man cannot know the will of your god?  If your god does not communicate with man?  Perhaps such actions felt perfectly suitable to him–why should he be judged for doing what ‘came naturally’ to him, if others are not judged by the same standard?

Your ‘god’ is  full of holes.  Have you really taken the time to think this through?

Now let me answer some of your other points . . . based on what I DO know of the nature and will of God–Jehovah.

“True faith is found in the love and acceptance of all people, as jesus christ taught the masses.”

Jesus never equated ‘true faith’ with loving and accepting all people.  Nor did he accept the behavior of all people. He was clearly displeased with the Sanhedrin and the moneychangers.

Maybe you should go back and read a little more about Jesus–you can find the chronicles of his ministry in the books of Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John.  Also, much is taught about Him, by the apostles, in the books of Acts, Romans, and Hebrews.

“To do other is to do evil.”

Your opinion and definition.

“To have the love of christ, to share it with others, is to not judge–to accept, love and nurture each as who they are.”

Are we talking about the same Jesus?  God, come to Earth as man . . . born in the flesh, of a virgin . . . lived a perfect life . . . had neither wife nor kids . . . ministered for three and a half years . . . was crucified . . . died . . . then rose again on the third day . . .?

Those of us who believe in THIS Jesus are each called first to REPENT, then to turn from our wickedness, and to follow Him!

Jesus says that if we love Him, we must obey His commands.  He also explained that He is God, and His commands are the spirit of the ten commandments.  If we are loving/obeying Him, we will be living in harmony with the ten commandments.

‘nurture each other as ‘who they are’–no, we are called to correct, rebuke, and encourage each other.  Two of those three terms signify a confrontation of another’s behavior.  According to your jesus, we would only need to encourage one another.

Jesus Christ didn’t demand his followers to be different. He merely helped them be better people. He nurtured, guided and loved.

How can anyone, as followers of Christ, do less?”

Did He demand? No.  Did He teach them to be different?  Yes.  He urged them to understand the spirit of the Law, and to do ‘above and beyond’ what it required of them.

Following Jesus is a free-will choice.  It is not demanded of anyone.  But if one follows Him, then they must submit to His ways.

“Salvation is found in the true belief and love of god, however you choose to find god.”

Excuse me?  You create a god that you can truly love and believe in–then that leads to your salvation . . . How exactly do you define salvation? And what do you  need salvation from, if your jesus just loves and accepts everything about you, as you are  now?

God, through His Word, the Bible, teaches that we need salvation from our SINS.  Which means that everything is NOT tolerable and acceptable.  It means that we are NOT already ok, and just in need of love and acceptance,  nurture and guidance.

The heart of man is sinful and that sinful nature will give birth to acts of sin.  Sinful acts require judgment, from a righteous God.  We need salvation from ourselves–but your religion deifies your self!

“The words of a page are written by man. The words of faith are written by man.”

Yeah, yeah.  Over forty authors, writing over a period of about 2,000 years . . . a multitude of prophecies fulfilled, etc.  . . . just coincidence . . . merely the work of men . . . blah, blah, blah . . . whatever.

“So many have redone the bible, ripped out sections and tried to adapt it to themselves.”

Sadly, it seems this is what you are doing.  Your ‘understanding’ surely has not taken into consideration the entirety of Scripture.  The little bit of what you say that actually seems to have some small relation to the Bible, pertains to Jesus.  Yet even there, I see no indication that you have actually read any of it.  The little bit of what you say about Jesus is the sort of thing one picks up from listening to others’ opinions.

“No mortal man should know the name and will of god.”

No mortal man should know his name–what caused you to develop such a strange opinion?

And how can your god hold men accountable for their actions if they don’t know his will– oh wait, he doesn’t judge does he?  So . . .  we should all just do what seems best to us, and if he likes us we’ll get to go to heaven?

How do you know that what you think is good is the same as what your god thinks is good?  What if your god loves the ways of pedophiles, kidnappers, murderers and thieves–and you aren’t one?

But, here is the conclusion of the matter:

“Only a true believer will know god, not by written words or coercion. Only true faith will lead each to god.”

The god that you talk about is a god that you have created for yourself–and your god is a projection of your own prideful beliefs about yourself.

That pride is what you call ‘true faith’.  But, you are right that your ‘true faith’ (your pride) will lead you to your god, because:

You ARE your god!

” 27.  “Nasikh” is the concept that newer revelation cancels older revelation. Today Muslims, who understand the principle of “Nasikh” deceptively quote the Koran to trick the media into thinking Islam is peaceful and tolerant of non-Muslims.

The Koran, like the Bible, has an “old testament”, that is abolished and not used as law and a “new testament”, that is used by Muslims today.

The abolished sections of the Koran were written in Medina when Muhammad faced his disciples to pray towards Jerusalem in an effort to sway the Jews to convert to Islam. It was during this time Muhammad taught toleration towards non-Muslims. When the Jews rightly told Muhammad to take a hike, he killed them and as a “snubbed and jilted lover” suddenly instructed his followers to forget praying towards Jerusalem and start praying towards Mecca.

During the Medina phase, Muhammad taught toleration towards non-Muslims. During the Meccan phase, Muhammad started teaching “death to non-Muslims”.

Muslim leaders (Imams) deliberately quote from the abolished “Medina” sections of the Koran when, for a short time, Muhammad preached tolerance, in a manipulative ploy to convert the Jews. These Imams know that the later sections of the Koran when Muhammad was at Mecca, preach death to non-Muslims.”

Quoted from:  http://www.bible.ca/islam/islam-encyclopedia-westerners-need-to-know-list.htm


” . . . By your magic spell all the nations were led astray.”
Revelation 18: 23

” . . . all because of the wanton lust of a harlot,
alluring, the mistress of sorceries,
who enslaved nations by her prostitution
and peoples by her witchcraft.”
Nahum 3: 4

Are you afraid of plots by the elite, to brainwash you?  Plots like the Blue Beam Project?  Afraid you might be a target for a microchip in your brain?  Perhaps these plots serve best to inflate our fears and direct our attentions elsewhere.  While we are worrying about the horrifying, and the extreme, do we even notice that what we fear has already subtly crept into our reality, in the form of something small and harmless?

Watching TV

We have all been bewitched.  Whether we realize it or not, we live in an alternate reality.  Our opinions, our values, our emotions, our desires, and our dreams have all been carefully crafted and fed to us.  It has been done so effectively that we would all vehemently deny it!  Yet, how many of us have not watched movies, listened to the radio, played video games, or watched television for several hours a day . . . nearly every day . . . of every year . . . of almost our entire life?

The voices all blend into one.  We repeatedly get the same messages, albeit from different vantage points, through the eyes of different characters, in the context of different situations.  Bit by bit we are molded and shaped.

It is no mistake that our culture has descended into an abyss of perversion, corruption, greed and violence.  If you follow the short history of television, you will see that the time line of our societal decay is enveloped in the same time frame.  It is beyond argument that the substance of television programming has undergone the same degeneration as our morals.

It is argued that art mirrors reality, but in the case of this form of ‘art’, I would beg to differ.  Our culture has closely followed our entertainment media, right down the drain.  There may be a speck of truth to the argument–yes, someone, somewhere may have done what is portrayed, but after it becomes ‘art’  many people feel tempted and emboldened to do it themselves.  And for every one that does it many others, who don’t, feel an empathy with those who do.

How many of those who are terrified, at the thought of the ‘elite’ coming up with a way to brainwash the masses, are still tuning in to their favorite shows, night after night?

Sure, we know the difference between truth and fiction, fantasy and reality–or do we?  Not everything we experience is filtered by our conscious and logic.  Our subconscious absorbs far more than we are aware of, and treats it all as though it were real.

Great swells of emotion-stirring music accompany us as we vicariously experience what the character is living.  The strong emotions it evinces serve to further embed the message and anchor it in our memories.  By the end of a three hour movie, our hearts are full of anger and vengeance–or lust and temptation–fodder to chew on later, as memories of the movie rise to the surface of our consciousness from time to time.  Those pictures and feelings we just can’t get out of our mind . . . and with them, the emotion inspired justifications for things that we knew were wrong, just a few  hours earlier.

Prerecorded applause and laughter punctuate the storyline at the appropriate times while we watch situational comedies.  The story lines are designed to stretch our tolerance as the envelope of decency and morality is pushed farther and farther.  The laughter and clapping follow jokes that are increasingly coarse and deviant, and give us the illusion of being surrounded by others who are all in agreement.  No one wants to stand alone, so we push our objections aside and laugh too.

In this fantasy world, we are one with the crowd.  Christian or not, we can set our morals aside and pretend we really live in this alternate reality–a world without God, without rules, without judgment, without remorse, where we determine what is right and wrong.  And of course, later, we’ll come back to the real world.  But, like an agent too deep undercover, eventually we don’t.  Eventually this pleasurable world, where we spend so much time, supplants reality.  Eventually its tentacles have wrapped so firmly around our heart and mind that we cannot free ourselves–indeed, we can’t even discern that we have become thoroughly ensnared.

Surely Jesus saw our day, when he explained that we would be judged by the content of our hearts.

“You have heard that it was said, ‘Do not commit adultery.’  But I tell you that anyone who looks at a woman lustfully has already committed adultery with her in his heart.” Matthew 5: 27-28

I would argue that we are judged for how we respond to fantasy as well as for how we respond in real life.  Because–it is our heart that will be judged, not merely our actions.

Consider the rest of the passage:

“If your right eye causes you to sin, gouge it out and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to be thrown into hell.
And if your right hand causes you to sin, cut it off and throw it away. It is better for you to lose one part of your body than for your whole body to go into hell.” Matthew 5: 29-30

What you feed your mind eventually becomes a part of you.  I grew up in the television age and I can see the change in myself, over the years, from continuing to partake of ‘American entertainment’, even as a Christian.  Now, after more than six months of not watching television, it is easier to observe how it works, when I do see it.

” . . . By your magic spell all the nations were led astray.”
Revelation 18: 23

Don’t think you’re being brainwashed?  Too proud to believe that you are being molded and shaped?  Don’t think it could happen to you?  It probably already has.  Your denial serves to confirm it.

Mass Programming

Is Your TV Stealing Your Soul?

Only One Way?  How Intolerant!

An Attack On America Is Imminent! (The Drunken Whore Part 2)

” 12. Islam literally means Submission. Western Imams knowingly lie to the media when they say Islam means peace.”

Quoted from: http://www.bible.ca/islam/islam-encyclopedia-westerners-need-to-know-list.htm

A better translation might be:

“We demand you submit to us!”


Islamic Tolerance

Islamic Tolerance


Islamic Protestors(?) Holding Signs

Islamic Protestors(?) Holding Signs

And they will use any means to achieve that end, including their tried-and-true methods:  deception and terrorism.




NEVER submit to Islam!

NEVER submit to Islam!

Don’t think that Islam is the fastest growing religion for nothing–they actively seek new converts.  Here is one of the ways it happens.  (This may be an isolated incident, or it may be a new strategy for reaching our kids.)

By practicing ‘tolerance’ and ‘political correctness’, we have left the door wide open for this.

Tolerance and political correctness are not Biblical principles. Christian: are you going to follow the Word of God, or peer pressure?

Allah and God (the Creator, God of the Bible, Jehovah, Yahweh) are not the same. Some languages may incorrectly translate the two names as being the same, but they refer to two VASTLY different beings!

Allah is a false god, one of a great number of demonic beings that are in opposition to God (who created them). My own belief is that Allah is the leader of demons–the being we refer to as ‘Satan’, ‘Lucifer’, or ‘the devil’. But whether he is actually satan, or is some other demonic being, he is–beyond a shadow of a doubt–not who Christians or Jews refer to as God, Yahweh, or Jehovah.

Allah is an antichrist. That should be quite plain from the teachings of islam.

You can listen for free here, to learn about islam, including many, many passages from the Quran, etc.

(One other thing to keep in mind, regarding islam, is that the Quran condones lying if it helps promote islam. Don’t be surprised when you find out that muslims have told blatant lies–it happens all the time.)

Please . . . Do It For America

First Beast Rising

Well folks, we are living a very watered down, anemic version of Christianity.  Is this the truth that so many have died for?  Where is the persecution?  Trust me, it’s not something I want, but consider–we are living in a culture that is rapidly approaching, if not already exceeding, the sinfulness of Sodom and Gomorrah.  How is it that this culture is tolerating us in their midst?  Have we gone so deep ‘undercover’ that we have ‘gone over to the other side’?

If we are living by the same paradigm as the world around us, we aren’t really understanding the gospel!  Why have we succumbed to political correctness and tolerance?

We have watered down the gospel, little by little, so as not to offend anyone.  But with so many dilutions, it now deserves another name, ’cause sincere life-changing Christianity it ain’t.  If ‘Sunday Christians’ feel at home in our church, week after week after week–that should be a pretty good indication! Perhaps I’ll just differentiate by calling the one ‘shallow Christianity’ and the other ‘deep Christianity’.

We aren’t doing the world around us any favors.  True seekers are craving something authentic, life changing & enveloping that will give their life meaning and answer the deep longing in their soul.   The choice of a spiritual path to follow is the most serious choice a person will make in their life.  No one expects it to be simple.  People understand that, once chosen, their spiritual beliefs will be important enough to die for. Presenting the Christian life as a laid-back, casual thing is not fooling true spiritual seekers.  It just isn’t deep enough to quench the thirst in their soul!

I believe it demonstrates a lack of faith on our part.  Like the man who reached out to steady the Ark of the Covenant when the oxen stumbled (in the book of 2 Samuel  in the Bible).  Yes, it was likely to have fallen . . . or would it have?  The presence of God was contained within it!  It seems unfair that the man was struck dead–but the message was clear: God doesn’t need us to look out for Him!  When we make the gospel ‘less offensive’, aren’t we doing the same thing?  The gospel Jesus presented will do the work of God in people’s lives, but a watered down version we create?  It’s probably not going to be able to do much of anything.

It’s also a particularly treacherous form of dishonesty.  How many people ‘sign up’ to be a Christian, expecting it to be a ‘walk in the park’?  What’s going to happen when the Antichrist takes the stage and it becomes apparent that a Pre-Tribulation Rapture didn’t happen?  Who’s going to console them through their disappointment, bitterness and sense of utter betrayal?  It won’t be Christians, because every other thing Christians have taught will be thrown aside as well.

What’s going to happen when the really hard times come?  Persecution and betrayal will come to most Christians,  and death to some. ( No, I’m not exaggerating to make a point.  Jesus was very specific that this would happen during the ‘latter days’.)  Are these ‘shallow Christians’ going to be able to persevere?

The Bible says that if one has escaped the corruption of the world by knowing Jesus, and then goes back to it, he is worse off at the end than he was at the beginning!  We don’t get ‘Brownie points’ for the number of people on our ‘convert list’!  What a waste!  What a sad and sorry waste.

I know that the people promoting our modern version of the gospel are good, sincere people with the best intentions.  This is the gospel that has been handed down to us, that we were told is true.  But, it is so diluted now that it is scarcely recognizable.  We are ‘selling’ Christianity too cheaply. This bland version of Christianity does not attract the truly thirsty.  Like a lukewarm drink of water, it has no appeal.  In fact, it’s a little nauseating as well.

We need to go back to the source to make sure our understanding of the gospel is correct, and then shore up the foundation of our own faith.  If we don’t, not only will we be swept away, but most of those we have led to Christ will be too!

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