Well folks, we are living a very watered down, anemic version of Christianity.  Is this the truth that so many have died for?  Where is the persecution?  Trust me, it’s not something I want, but consider–we are living in a culture that is rapidly approaching, if not already exceeding, the sinfulness of Sodom and Gomorrah.  How is it that this culture is tolerating us in their midst?  Have we gone so deep ‘undercover’ that we have ‘gone over to the other side’?

If we are living by the same paradigm as the world around us, we aren’t really understanding the gospel!  Why have we succumbed to political correctness and tolerance?

We have watered down the gospel, little by little, so as not to offend anyone.  But with so many dilutions, it now deserves another name, ’cause sincere life-changing Christianity it ain’t.  If ‘Sunday Christians’ feel at home in our church, week after week after week–that should be a pretty good indication! Perhaps I’ll just differentiate by calling the one ‘shallow Christianity’ and the other ‘deep Christianity’.

We aren’t doing the world around us any favors.  True seekers are craving something authentic, life changing & enveloping that will give their life meaning and answer the deep longing in their soul.   The choice of a spiritual path to follow is the most serious choice a person will make in their life.  No one expects it to be simple.  People understand that, once chosen, their spiritual beliefs will be important enough to die for. Presenting the Christian life as a laid-back, casual thing is not fooling true spiritual seekers.  It just isn’t deep enough to quench the thirst in their soul!

I believe it demonstrates a lack of faith on our part.  Like the man who reached out to steady the Ark of the Covenant when the oxen stumbled (in the book of 2 Samuel  in the Bible).  Yes, it was likely to have fallen . . . or would it have?  The presence of God was contained within it!  It seems unfair that the man was struck dead–but the message was clear: God doesn’t need us to look out for Him!  When we make the gospel ‘less offensive’, aren’t we doing the same thing?  The gospel Jesus presented will do the work of God in people’s lives, but a watered down version we create?  It’s probably not going to be able to do much of anything.

It’s also a particularly treacherous form of dishonesty.  How many people ‘sign up’ to be a Christian, expecting it to be a ‘walk in the park’?  What’s going to happen when the Antichrist takes the stage and it becomes apparent that a Pre-Tribulation Rapture didn’t happen?  Who’s going to console them through their disappointment, bitterness and sense of utter betrayal?  It won’t be Christians, because every other thing Christians have taught will be thrown aside as well.

What’s going to happen when the really hard times come?  Persecution and betrayal will come to most Christians,  and death to some. ( No, I’m not exaggerating to make a point.  Jesus was very specific that this would happen during the ‘latter days’.)  Are these ‘shallow Christians’ going to be able to persevere?

The Bible says that if one has escaped the corruption of the world by knowing Jesus, and then goes back to it, he is worse off at the end than he was at the beginning!  We don’t get ‘Brownie points’ for the number of people on our ‘convert list’!  What a waste!  What a sad and sorry waste.

I know that the people promoting our modern version of the gospel are good, sincere people with the best intentions.  This is the gospel that has been handed down to us, that we were told is true.  But, it is so diluted now that it is scarcely recognizable.  We are ‘selling’ Christianity too cheaply. This bland version of Christianity does not attract the truly thirsty.  Like a lukewarm drink of water, it has no appeal.  In fact, it’s a little nauseating as well.

We need to go back to the source to make sure our understanding of the gospel is correct, and then shore up the foundation of our own faith.  If we don’t, not only will we be swept away, but most of those we have led to Christ will be too!

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