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Have you wondered why we are still in Afghanistan when our ‘ homeland’ is going to hell in a handbasket?  (Here’s a couple of reasons we shouldn’t still be there.)

Well, here’s something else to wonder about: why has the United States Geological Survey spent 17 million dollars and a number of years to do a survey . . . in Afghanistan?

Could it be because, as Afghan President Hamid Karzai asserts

“I have very good news for Afghans.  The initial figures we have obtained [from the survey, expected to be released in a couple of months] show that our mineral deposits are worth a thousand billion dollars — not a thousand million dollars but a thousand billion.”

Hmmm, that kinds of strikes me as fulfilling Rev 17:2

“With her the kings of the earth committed adultery and the inhabitatants of the earth were intoxicated with the wine of her adulteries.”

If, as I believe, The Whore of Babylon is the western economic system (headquartered in NY), this could be an example of a ‘king’ (put into power by the US/Beast empire) ‘committing adultery with’ her (by putting his deals with outsiders ahead of the welfare of his people, or conducting them without their knowledge.)

The way the US operates its foreign governmental/military/economic policies, it is definitely not in the long-term interest of the Afghan (or any) people to do business with us.  But, what else are you going to do when the USA has you in its sights?

In my opinion, the inhabitants of the earth being intoxicated with the ‘wine of her adulteries’ speaks of the financial profit that many people will make from any deals between Afghanistan and the US & coalition partners, with regards to these minerals.

Isn’t it rather curious that the press says very little about our war in Afghanistan–and even less about the US government being involved in a natural resource survey there?  Could it be that it is not America that will profit from any deals that are made, but rather a small number of wealthy ‘westerners’ (the ‘elite’)?  Is this the manner in which our taxpayer funded military and USGS are supposed to be employed?

Why Haiti?

American Empire

The Drunken Whore

Oh Yes He Does Get It!

(cont’d from:  He Will Shorten The Days)

I am not a Bible scholar, but these are ideas I have, about possible ways Revelation might be fulfilled.  There are any number of ways that each and every event prophesied could occur!  No one knows.  I don’t know.  I just like to solve puzzles, and share my ideas.

The King James Version says this:

‘And except that the Lord had shortened those days, no flesh should be saved’

For some reason, this causes me to think of the fourth bowl judgment.

‘the sun was given power to scorch people with fire.’

It would be in keeping with how I have seen God work, that a massive earthquake (obviously a bad thing) would be something that God would use for good for those who love Him.

(‘And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.’)

If this is right, then the purpose of the earthquake would be to cause the days to be shorter, for those who love Him.

(‘But for the sake of the elect, whom he has chosen, he has shortened [the days].’)

And, when the sun is ‘scorching people with fire’, would be a good time for God to shorten the days for His people.

That leaves us with another  question: What could be causing the sun to scorch people with fire?

There are so many facets to what I am learning about the elite and their plan for world domination.  Some things I am pretty clear on–others are a bit sketchy, because I haven’t had enough time to really research them well.

But I have an idea, as to what might cause the sun to scorch people with fire, and might cause people to be this terrified:

‘Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.

They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us . . . ” ‘


‘Men will faint from terror, apprehensive of what is coming on the world, for the heavenly bodies will be shaken.’

First, the Lord made this more vivid to me, by causing me to see that ‘hid in caves’ was not only natural caves, but also man-made caves–bunkers.  Not long after this, I listened to theories about the Denver International Airport.  They are really frightening.  Evil Murals?

Apparently there is a belief that some major things are happening with the sun, and with the Earth’s magnetic shield.  I wish I could better explain it, but I am not a physicist and this is one of those things where my knowledge is sketchy.

If I understand right, some say the elite are expecting some catastrophic events due to increased solar activity around 2012, and that they are putting things in place now, to build the structure of a world government that they will rule from their underground bunker while the rest of us be damned.

Since population reduction is one of their major goals* anyway, they aren’t bothering to share whatever it is they know with the rest of us.  But apparently they aren’t certain of anything, because they seem to be hedging their bets.  Not only have they created a self-sustaining underground base, they have chosen a  high elevation location for it.  Who knows–global warming might just cause a dramatic ocean level rise that would flood the East Coast, Britain, etc.

It is said that the Earth is due for a [magnetic] field reversal (compasses will point to the south, rather than the north pole).  No one knows for sure if this takes minutes, hours, days, or millennia.  During the transition, the Earth’s protective magnetic shield will weaken.  Weaknesses allow more of the sun’s energy to reach  Earth.  (Goodness only knows how HAARP may affect this!!)

This could definitely cause the sun to ‘scorch people with fire’.  Whether this is THE cause of the events in Revelation is something no one knows for sure at this point.

If it turns out that this process (and/or increased solar activity) also can affect the tectonic plates and/or the tides, it would lend more credibility to the idea that this is the causative factor.

While we are on the subject of the sun scorching the Earth, lets remember the first trumpet judgment:

‘A third of the earth was burned up, a third of the trees were burned up, and all the green grass was burned up.’

Again, who knows for sure, at this point, how exactly this will be fulfilled.  I have pondered it and here is what I think:

One third of the earth was burned up and 1/3 of the trees.  If you picture the Earth as it is rotating in space–1/3  of the Earth is the amount you would see over the course of 8 hours.  What if the Earth were blasted with heat from one side, over a period of 8 hours or so?  Could this  burn up 1/3 of the Earth and 1/3 of the trees?

Earth's Axial Tilt
Earth’s Axial Tilt

It may seem strange that 1/3 of the trees would burn, yet ALL of the grass would burn, but trees ignite at a higher temperature than grass.  If, as the earth turned, the heat began to wane, it could still be hot enough to ignite grass, but not hot enough to ignite trees.

Another, more likely explanation is that the hemisphere that is tilted towards the sun (summer there) would receive more damaging heat than the hemisphere that is tilted away from the sun (winter there).  That would most likely mean the Southern Hemisphere & Tropics during (our) winter–but it could mean the Northern Hemisphere during summer, and an event that lasts less than 8 hours.

These are only a couple of the many ways in which this prophecy could be fulfilled.  We’ll have to stay tuned to see what happens.

*Parts of satan’s scheme:

population control–satan is not able to manage 8 or 9 billion people, even with the best technology.  He seeks a manageable number.

constant surveillance–a sophisticated, worldwide computer system is necessary.  Why?  To be satan’s eyes and ears.  Unlike God, he cannot be everywhere at once.  Nor can he completely rely on his demons . . . after all, it’s not like his kingdom is based on trust, honesty, faithfulness, etc.

absolute domination–he cannot trust the people he seeks to dominate–(it’s the dishonest that are unable to trust others). He knows that God is more likable, although he probably doesn’t understand why.  Much energy is spent keeping ‘his people’ under his thumb.

censorship of truth–he knows that the truth can take people away from him (set them free!) so, much of his energy is invested in preventing people from listening to, or believing the truth.

a plethora of fables, myths and religions–grand delusions and religions that ultimately point people back to him, whether they realize it or not.

worship of satan–he’s blinded by narcissism, and has an insatiable need to be affirmed.  However, he can trust no one, so he needs to constantly check to make sure all of ‘his people’ are still following him.

genetic manipulation–cloning, creating a ‘pure’ race, blending different types of creatures together, etc.  (Why?)

Have you ever wondered at the meaning of this verse?

“If the Lord had not cut short those days, no one would survive. But for the sake of the elect, whom he has chosen, he has shortened them.”

People speculate as to what it means, and some of the explanations seem like a stretch . . .  but how about if the words could be taken literally?  What if the days are simply going to be less than 24 hours?

Obviously I don’t know (no one does) but here are my thoughts:

After the recent earthquake in Chile, I read that the earth’s rotation had actually sped up.  Our days are now shorter–granted, it’s only a fraction of a second, but earthquakes can have this effect on the Earth!

You may wonder how large an earthquake would have to be to noticeably shorten a day.  I don’t know.  I didn’t quite understand all I read, but I did understand this much-it’s not just the size of the earthquake that matters, but also its location.

Earthquakes cause, or are caused by, shifts in the position of the tectonic plates.  These shifts change the location of the Earth’s center of gravity.  This produces a change in the speed of rotation.

Now, it just so happens that during the time of the Tribulation, the Earth is going to experience at least one MASSIVE earthquake.  It is going to be so powerful that

‘every island fled away and the mountains could not be found’!

We are also told that

‘nations will be in anguish and perplexity at the roaring and tossing of the sea’

This sounds to me like more than just one major earthquake.  Something is happening that will bring about the massive earthquake and, in the meantime, the sea is ‘roaring and tossing’–possibly suggesting other powerful earthquakes.

So, I think that this is a possible scenario and interpretation for the verse.  Here are my ideas about what might be able to wipe out mankind, if God didn’t shorten the days : ‘Global Warming’ or ‘Scorched Earth’?

Understanding Revelation

Enduring What Is Coming–Mental Preparation

‘Then the kings of the earth, the princes, the generals, the rich, the mighty, and every slave and every free man hid in caves and among the rocks of the mountains.

They called to the mountains and the rocks, “Fall on us and hide us . . . ” ‘

Not long after the Lord made this scripture more vivid to me (by causing me to see that ‘hid in caves’ was not only natural caves, but also man-made caves–bunkers) I ran across theories about the Denver International Airport. They were really frightening.

It is widely rumored that our ‘shadow government’/’the elites’ has constructed a massive bunker there to serve as a ‘control and command’ structure during some kind of disaster.

Just as disturbing, and perplexing, is the artwork in the airport. Here are pictures of the statue, and a few of the murals:

Denver International Airport Blue Mustang

Denver International Airport Blue Mustang

Denver Airport Blue Mustang

Denver Airport Blue Mustang

The Children of the World Dream of Peace (right panel)

‘The Children of the World Dream of Peace’ (right panel)

I was once a little child

closeup of paper under sword

The Children of the World Dream of Peace (left panel)

‘The Children of the World Dream of Peace’ (left panel)

In Peace and Harmony with Nature (left panel)

‘In Peace and Harmony with Nature’ (left panel)

In Peace and Harmony with Nature (right panel)

‘In Peace and Harmony with Nature’ (right panel)

Here is more on the subject:

Alex Christopher’s interpretation

To be honest, I was very concerned at the things that are being said in connection with the Denver International Airport.  I did not find any explanation, by the artist, of the meaning of the murals.  It seems that people are using their own imaginations to interpret the pictures, and they are really coming up with some scary allegations.  But as I was looking closely at these pictures just now, while writing this post, I believe I understand the artist’s message–and it is far different than what people are saying.

I still find some of the things worrisome–if they are true.  But the meaning I read in the murals is not sinister.  It is ‘New Agey’ and all, but I do not read the same evil intent that people are attributing to them.  (please see my 1/12/11 update at the bottom of the page.  After learning more, I have revised my beliefs on this!!) It does show hope for a Messiah (the German[?] boy), who we know will unfortunately be ‘The Antichrist’.

Here is how I read them:

First mural (above):  War, depicted by a horrific looking Nazi, is killing peace.  I see weeping women, children and elderly refugees.  I see homes destroyed.  I see a little orphaned child and babies.  I see no men, and only very young boys.  It is a scene of sorrow and destruction.  (Dead babies?  Maybe the first one, but not all of them.)

Second mural: War is dead.  The children of every nation (no hatred of Jews here–Israel is represented too) are giving their swords to a (German) boy with an iron fist, who is beating them into plowshares.  To me, this is symbolic of him being a world leader who brings peace–a messiah.  Unfortunately, we know that the first ‘Messiah’ to appear will be The Antichrist.

Third mural: I see a nearby city, and a forest being burned for farmland.  I see people very upset over animals that have gone extinct (Buffalo, Whale [Baleen or Blue?], some type of leopard), ivory tusks, a Sea Turtle caught in a gill  net, and endangered animals–protected in cases (Quetzal, Emperor Penguin, and a Passenger Pigeon).  Also, people in graves, that have been eliminated by genocide: Jews, Native Americans, Rwandans.

Fourth mural: The endangered animals have been restored.  The children of the world are all fed, clothed and happy.  The land has been restored.  The city is burning (?). I am not sure what they are gathered around.  It may be symbolic of the ‘spirit of the Earth’.

So, my opinion is that the paintings depict the hopes and dreams of people who believe the ‘powerful delusion’ (New Age religion, false messiah, etc.).  While the delusion is evil, I don’t believe what is depicted in the murals comes from evil intent.

This leads me to wonder how much of the rest of this particular conspiracy theory is baloney . . .

We Are Living In Revelation

Here’s The Deal . . .

This Is Where I Drew The Line . . . Until Yesterday

UPDATE (5/11/10):

With what I have recently learned about the changes that are happening in our solar system, and with the sun, etc. . . . I DO believe that the elites have constructed a ‘control and command’ structure underneath the Denver International Airport.

Jesse Ventura’s ‘Conspiracy Theory-2012 Part 1 of 6’ (Denver International Airport)

UPDATE (6/8/10):

I recently heard The mural artist (Leo Tanguma) now has a website showcasing many of his works.  It includes an interpretation of his ‘In Peace and Harmony with Nature’ mural.  It can be seen at:

(there is a box where you can ‘click for more information’ under the first picture)

Here is a bit more commentary on the Blue Mustang:

Now this makes me wonder if the folks at DIA just like the attention . . . Another monolithic sculpture has just been installed–this one is of the Egyptian God of The Dead . . .

Egyptian god of the dead statue

Egyptian god of the dead statue

Update (7/2/10):

Some people are making claims that the third mural (above) foretells the BP oil spill.  I strongly disagree.  I believe the fire shows the burning of tropical forests to create more farmland (hence the adjoining farmland in the mural).  My best guess for the red water is that it is a ‘red tide’ algae bloom, as a result of pollution coming from the nearby metropolitan area.

Some people are saying that the BP spill was deliberate.  I say, check out my post:  ‘Coincidence? Sabotage? Who Would Gain The Most?’ for my opinion on the matter.

We Have Been Bewitched

Update (1/12/11):

Well, more info today, regarding the fact that ‘New Age Religion’ is what is practiced by the elites.  And, as it turns out, New Age beliefs (when held by powerful people) can be very dangerous for the rest of us.  Here is a link to a broadcast on another siteStarting at 44:00 the speaker tells what New Age beliefs the elite subscribe to, and how that is relevant to us.

Update (11/13/14):

The Nazi agenda will conquer–through conventional warfare, biowarfare, and Muslim vs. Christian violence.  Is that what this mural foretells?  Is that what ISIS and the ebola epidemic are about–just tools of the Nazis to help in their takeover?  Is this their way of taking credit for what is going on?

Adults will be taken away, and only orphans will remain? (Other murals portray a new world populated only with children.)

The Children of the World Dream of Peace (right panel)

‘The Children of the World Dream of Peace’ (right panel)


Will Your Children’s Blood Be Upon Your Hands?

Saving America–Where Do We Begin?

(cont’d from: We Are Living In Revelation)

Believer-there will be nowhere to run, no place to hide.

We have been living in the ‘Dispensation of Grace’.  It is coming to a close.  Meanwhile, we have moved into the Dispensation of Revelation.  It is God’s will and time to reveal, uncover, disclose, and make manifest, the works of darkness.

Persecution will come to Christians, no matter what we do because ‘everyone who does evil hates the light, and will not come into the light for fear that his deeds will be exposed.’  True Christians embody truth and light.  Jesus was the first light, and this was said because of Him:  ‘ . . . Light has come into the world, but men loved darkness instead of light because their deeds were evil.’

The majority of mankind still prefers darkness and evil to light and truth.  Therefore, they will do all that they can to extinguish light and truth–and this means ridding the world of Christians.

In the days and months ahead, satan will grow increasingly angry with Christians.  Consider: his time is short and he is so close to seeing the fulfillment of what he has been planning for thousands of years!  For him, everything is riding on this.  He really believes he can do a better job of running things on Earth than God does.  He will do anything to have the opportunity to prove it.

That’s all well and good . . .  completely understandable–but the ‘pawns’ in this game he is trying to engage God in, are the lives and souls of billions of people! This is a gross injustice!  Anyone with a conscience, who knows the truth (this should describe all Christians), cannot just sit by while billions of people are led to destruction!  We have a moral obligation to share the truth with everyone.

We can’t stop the game, and we can’t make anyone’s decision for them.  All we can (and must) do is to lay the facts before them and let them decide.  The game must be played fairly!  Granted, most people will turn their back on truth and life.  That is their choice.  But they at least deserve the opportunity to make an informed choice!

Our ‘intrusion’ into satan’s plan will  throw him into a panic.  After all, God (in His mercy towards mankind) is allowing satan only a brief time to prove his point and the clock is ticking!

(Lest you think we are bringing trouble upon ourselves, what would you recommend Christians do differently and still remain true to the will of God?)

In case I need to remind you–when you chose to become a Christian, you enlisted in God’s army.  You chose the side of good, in the ongoing war of evil vs. good.  You have already enlisted!

If you thought you were just signing up for God’s ‘reserves’ and would never be called up, I’m sorry.  You were misinformed.  This is a voluntary army–100%!–but EVERYONE in this army must fight!

If you have woken up to find that you are on the wrong side, walk away.  No one is keeping you here.

If you know you are on the right side, but are afraid to fight, it’s understandable.  We are all human, and we all have a basic instinct for self preservation.  Jesus had to face the same inner battle, in the Garden of Gethsemane, before He submitted to His arrest and crucifixion.  You see, He was a human being, with human instincts– and He had free will too.  What temptation He must have faced, to just walk away and save Himself!  He fought his inner battle to the point of sweating blood!

When Peter, a ‘co-conspirator’ with Jesus, faced his choice, he chose to lie to save himself.  Three times he lied–to the point of even denying that he knew Jesus!!  Just a few hours earlier, he had been so sure of his loyalty that he had promised Jesus that even if everyone else deserted Him, he never would.  I’m sure he surprised himself when he realized what he had done–because he underestimated his basic human survival instinct. (This is one example of what the Bible calls ‘the flesh’.  As Christians, we are not to live by our natural instincts and primal desires, but by God’s Spirit in us, we are to overcome them.)

All that to say:  if you’re afraid, you’re in good company.  But you’ll have to move beyond that, because a choice awaits you.  You aren’t judged for how you feel, or what you are tempted with–you are judged by the decision you end up making.

Trying to ‘play it cool’ , keeping your Christianity hidden, or not living or speaking in a way that’s consistent with God’s Word, is compromise!  This battle is much bigger than you.  Your compromise will change virtually nothing, in the grand scheme of things–but it will profoundly change you!

If you are afraid for your safety, pray to God to keep you safe!  God can hide you in plain sight!  He can hold your enemies at bay!

Jesus disappeared into a crowd. Daniel spent the night in a den of hungry lions.  Paul and Silas were released from jail by an earthquake.  Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego survived being thrown into an roiling furnace!  Elijah was provided a hiding place, by God, so that he could rest awhile (not dwell there!), and ravens brought  food to him!

Angels led Lot and his family to safety, just as God rained judgment on Sodom and Gomorrah.  God gave Noah instructions and time to build an ark for his salvation.  Paul was bitten by a venomous snake and merely shook it off–this was right after he survived a shipwreck!

God led the Israelites out of Egypt and across the Red Sea on dry ground–then He brought the waters down on top of their pursuers.  He fed them, every day, in the wilderness, for forty years!  Their shoes lasted through forty years of walking!  In a dry and barren desert, He had already stored up water for them–in a rock!!  These are just some of the stories that are in the Bible.  (I wonder how many more have not been told?!)

And, when all is said and done, if you do face death as a Christian–remember that all things work together for good for those that love God!  God told King Hezekiah to get his affairs in order, because he was going to die.  He wept, and plead with God for his life, and God granted him another fifteen years.  However, in that time he became foolish and prideful.  Decisions that he made then brought serious trouble to his family later.  (He himself would have endured God’s wrath, but he repented in time.)

At the end of his life, God tested him to see what was in his heart, and I don’t believe He found the same zeal and devotion that he had fifteen years earlier.  God was giving him the opportunity to make a peaceful exit–to die with honor at the zenith of his spiritual life.   God was protecting Hezekiah and his family by allowing Hezekiah to die–but Hezekiah clung to his will, rather than submitting to God’s.

There comes a time for each of us to depart.  God determines the best time. We should trust Him.  He knows what lies ahead, and what He may be sparing us from.

Dying as a martyr is a special honor in God’s kingdom.   It is usually a choice.  I believe that, to even be faced with that ‘opportunity’ means:

1.  that God trusts that you will remain faithful until the end.  (Remember, He has promised He will not lose you.  If you are truly one of His children, He will not allow you to be placed in a situation, at the end of your life, that would cause you to deny Him and spend eternity apart from Him.) Any of His children, whom He allows to face martyrdom, He has already strengthened enough to endure it, or He will supernaturally strengthen them through those final hours.


2.  you have ‘played Christian’ for so long that you have convinced yourself you are one–but you aren’t.  In that final hour you will either seek Him with your whole heart, or you will deny Him.  But, either way, He will reveal your heart to you.

Believer–God has a job for you to do!  About face!

The Gates of Hell Shall Not Prevail Against Us!

The God Factor

God Wants Us To Go To War!

Definition of  ‘apocalypse’:

revelation, disclosure; from Gk. apokalyptein “uncover”, from apo- “from” (see apo-) + kalyptein “to cover, conceal”.

Definition of  ‘revelation’:

Something revealed, especially a dramatic disclosure of something not previously known or realized.

An uncovering, a bringing to light of that which had been previously wholly hidden or only obscurely seen.

Definition of ‘occult’:

To hide, cover up, conceal.

Hidden from view.

Secret, or disclosed only to the initiated.

Beyond the range of ordinary knowledge or understanding; mysterious.
Of or pertaining to magic, astrology, or any system claiming use or knowledge of secret or supernatural powers or agencies.

We are now living in the days of (the book of the Bible: ‘Revelation’ aka ‘The Apocalypse’).

Everywhere you turn, God is bringing hidden things to light.  He is uncovering and exposing the works of darkness, revealing things that were concealed, and disclosing things that have been kept secret.  He is allowing our knowledge to expand, and giving us the keys to solve the great mysteries that have vexed mankind throughout history.

1. The first Revelation of God was Christ Himself, when He came to Earth, born of a virgin, living to teach us His ways, and dying to pay the price for our sins.

2. The second Revelation of God was the establishment of His kingdom on Earth– The choosing of  His first disciples and the subsequent birth of The Church (NOT the ‘Catholic church’, which was a subversion of The Church).

3. The third Revelation of God is exposing the hidden works of darkness.  He is calling Believers to partner with Him in this work.

Satan and his schemes are being revealed to the world.  All the peoples of the world now have a decision to make: will they accept Jesus Christ by faith, or will they accept the tempting and tantalizing invitation of satan, to be a partof his (doomed) kingdom?

‘Time’ is drawing to a close.  We are entering into the last days of God’s invitation to mankind, to be a part of His eternal kingdom.  Satan’s kingdom, and the kingdoms of this world will have their brief moment, and then it will be over.  Jesus Christ will defeat the kingdoms of Satan, and of the world, and will establish His kingdom here on Earth.

4. The fourth, and last, Revelation of God is His arrival here on Earth to overthrow ALL existing kingdoms, and begin to rule and reign.

All who would be a part of His kingdom, must enter in by faith–faith in Him, faith that our sins were paid in full by His death, faith that He was who He claimed to be (the only begotten son of God and the only way to the Father), faith in His promises to us (as contained in the Word of God–the Bible).  Faith that has not yet seen the substance of which it hopes for.

In other words: you can’t wait until Jesus appears to accept His invitation!

If you are not a believer, the times of the third revelation of God (which we are now in), are the final days for you to make your choice.  Choose wisely!!

(continued in ‘Truth And Light–Nowhere To Run, No Place To Hide’)

We Will Turn The World Upside Down!

Should We Be Thinking About Coming Out?

Is Your TV Stealing Your Soul?

When I started studying Revelation, I was sure that it could be unraveled logically. I have learned a lot since then, and my whole perspective has changed. What I’m going to say isn’t a copout–believe me, because I don’t give up easily (and that’s an understatement)!–but it’s what I feel God has taught me.

Here’s what I know now:

  • We each need to read Revelation for ourself, and pray that God will teach us what He wants us to know.
  • If we want to understand Revelation, we need to read it a lot and know it well (not the same as understanding–more like memorization). You may read it and learn it this Spring, and it may not be until next Fall that God chooses to reveal something to you. He will bring the Scripture to your remembrance–but you can’t remember what you never knew.
  • Don’t be discouraged. Be content with knowing, but not understanding. When the time is right, you’ll understand.
  • Do pray and ask God to teach you, and guide you, as you study.
  • Revelation is given on a ‘need to know’ basis.
  • Revelation is just that–something that God will reveal to each of us, in His own time and His own way.
  • You may study for hours, yet walk away with just one little nugget of understanding–but this is good!
  • The book is purposely complicated, to make it impossible to interpret merely using logic. The only way to understand Revelation, is by the Holy Spirit revealing it to us. The Holy Spirit will only reveal it to Christians.
  • The awesomeness of that is that it doesn’t depend on our intelligence! I’m fairly smart and there are things I have tried for years to understand, but can’t–but then, in an instant, God has opened my eyes to something that was right there all the time, and suddenly I understand! Contrary to what some churches have taught-you don’t have to be a priest to read and understand Scripture. God reveals things in a way that any of us can understand, no matter how smart we are–or aren’t. We’re all on a level playing field here!

These are my general opinions:

  • It seems the people who claim to understand Revelation the most, are actually the ones that understand it the least.
  • The prophecy ‘experts’ make certain assumptions, upon which they base the rest of their interpretation. Very few of them seem to question these assumptions, and the ‘rules’ they have set up for how to interpret prophecy. If these assumptions or ways of interpreting are wrong, then the foundation of their interpreting is wrong, and they may end up misunderstanding much, or most, of the prophecies.
  • In reality, right now there is no way we can know for sure how it will all play out. Only God knows the specifics, and although He is revealing things a little at a time, He has not yet made it all clear to us.
  • He may not give us the full interpretation before it is fulfilled. There may be things we only see later, in hindsight, as having been the fulfillment of prophecy.
  • It is tempting to latch onto the first interpretation that fits but, in studying with a completely open mind, I have found that each portion of prophecy in Revelation could potentially be fulfilled in many different ways.
  • I believe the reason God has not revealed it all, is because there are many possible outcomes, depending on what choices we make (our generation, the Church, America, etc.).
  • I believe if God revealed what would happen, it would cause it to turn out that way, violating our free will to some degree. I believe He wants us to do all that we can, until we breathe our last breath. MUCH of the ending has not yet been written!
  • A lot of people have a fatalistic attitude–that we really have little to do with the outcome, that it is predestined; some people even go so far as to say that God will make things happen a certain way, no matter what we do. But I believe that the time, and the way, the prophecies will be fulfilled, is completely dependent upon the choices of mankind.
  • God always prefers to show mercy and, if we repent in time, He may turn aside His wrath. These things could all come to pass in the next few years (that’s the road we’re on right now)–or, if we repent, God may intervene and ‘pause the clock’ by tens or even hundreds of years.
  • Because it is Satan that is behind the events in Revelation, and because his overall battle plan has not changed, we will see the same sort of events happen again and again, until he finally gains control of a global government.

These are my specific opinions:

  • I am not convinced that all of these events will be confined to a 7 year period.
  • Things do not necessarily happen in the order in which they are written. Yes, there is an overall chronology to the events–but there are a lot of ‘flashbacks’ (as in the movies), that go back to an earlier time and show the events that happened to bring you back to the ‘present’, in order to understand things that were just mentioned.
  • The same event may be explained from several different perspectives–rather than those being separate events.
  • I am not convinced that the bowl judgments follow the trumpet judgments, and they follow the seven seals. I strongly suspect that there is overlap here-that things are happening simultaneously, or even that what are commonly believed to be separate events, are actually the same event.
  • It is important to differentiate between what John saw in the spirit realm, and what he saw in the physical realm. In other words, when an angel sounds his trumpet and ‘hail and fire mixed with blood’ is hurled down upon the Earth–that is probably how it appears in the spirit realm. It may not literally be hail and fire mixed with blood when seen in the physical realm. The result: ‘A third of the Earth was burned up . . . ‘  is what we would actually see. So, we should not necessarily expect to see or hear, in the physical realm, everything that is described in Revelation.
  • I believe it is possible for God to have mercy on us, at any point, if we repent. Therefore, I believe it may be possible that the ‘clock’ could be paused at almost any point.
  • Although I believe the clock could be paused, there are certain things that cannot be undone. I believe this explains the significance of the three ‘woes’. The fifth, sixth, and seventh trumpet judgments involve releasing demonic entities that have been bound and prevented from interacting with mankind. I believe that once they are released, they cannot again be bound. These woes are:
    * the angel of the abyss, and hordes of spirits that physically torment people (for 5 months)
    * four angels, with 200,000,000 troops that have the authority to kill 1/3 of mankind
    * satan and his followers are hurled to Earth
  • If you understand that once these spirits are unleashed, we are stuck with them from then on (even if we repent and God pauses the clock), then it becomes even more apparent why these events would be called ‘woes’.
  • There is no ‘Rapture’ per se. Jesus will return (as warrior, judge and king) near the very end of the Tribulation. There will be a great earthquake, the dead in Christ will be raised, the ‘two witnesses’ will be taken up to heaven, any remaining believers will be taken up, and we will meet Him in the clouds.

So, again, I think the best way to understand the Bible, is to read the Bible. We are promised that the Holy Spirit will teach us what the Scriptures mean. Some of that teaching happens on a subconscious level. God-inspired writings are much deeper and carry much more information than when people write.

The more you read the Bible, the more you learn the many ways that God conveys truth to us. You learn His ‘voice’, His style, how He uses patterns and foreshadowing, how much meaning a passage can carry on many different levels, etc., etc. There is so much deception these days, I think it is far better that we ask God to teach us, than men.

(In God’s kingdom, no one is ‘better than’ anyone else. How much you understand will depend on how much you read the Bible, spend time contemplating God’s word, and pray.)

And one more thing:
“Blessed is the one who reads the words of this prophecy, and blessed are those who hear it and take to heart what is written in it, because the time is near.”
Rev. 1:3

Beware Of The Second Beast!

A ‘Sleeper’ Doctrine?

The day that our tax money begins to pay into a health care system that subsidizes abortion will be a momentous occasion in the spiritual realm.  It will be one of those days that history looks back on, as being a point on which the fate of a nation turned.

If our tax money goes to pay for abortions, or other grievous actions, and we are aware yet continue to pay into the system, we will be guilty of ‘partaking of its sins’.

Whether or not you are aware of the importance of that day, God is going to be watching us closely.  On that day, each of us is faced with a decision.  Will we passively ‘go with the flow’ and become undeniably complicit in this national sin–or will we do whatever it takes to see that we are not involved?

To not make a decision IS a decision! Will we, as individuals, have the courage and character to repent of our national sin of abortion by resisting this policy and refusing to participate or enable it in any way?

At what point will we begin to take sin seriously enough to put aside our personal comfort and safety to be reconciled to God through repentance? Nothing will change if we keep going with the flow!

Evolution does not occur! But disintegration does! Time and inaction will not bring about improvement! At some point we have to dig in our heels and say: ‘I will not go one step further in this direction’!  If you find yourself on the wrong train, don’t you stand up and ask the conductor to stop the train so that you can get off?

Who do you fear more, God or the government?

Will we do the right thing, and trust Him who is able to protect us to look out for our safety–or will we follow the path of least resistance, surrendering our integrity for a security that, I guarantee you, will not last?

God is testing our character–individually, and as a nation.  He is allowing each of us to be brought to this place of decision–and the decisions we make will decide our national and personal destinies.

Although we may personally be able to avoid judgment for actions our government takes that we are unaware of, and don’t directly participate in–we are aware now, and will be personally guilty of participating if we continue to provide tax dollars to a government that murders.

Lightning may not strike the White House on that day, but our country will surely begin to suffer God’s judgment, if we continue to proceed in that direction.  Without His blessing upon us, we will suffer at the hands of our own government, our enemies, the weather, and natural disasters.  Mark my words.

Nationally, we have been deserving of  judgment from the time of the passage of the Roe v. Wade decision that legalized abortion, but God has been patient with us and has given us time to repent.  We haven’t.  If our nation doesn’t soon change course, our nation will bear God’s judgment: hunger, plagues, and wars (that we lose . . . on American soil. . . ).

I believe the time is fast approaching when God will call upon His people to ‘come out of’ our corrupt economic system (Babylon the Great). I don’t know exactly how we go about this (‘coming out of’ the system). We will each have to seek God’s wisdom as to how to proceed.  But perhaps that call pertains to this day as well.  If every devout Christian and pro-life citizen in America would go on strike beginning that day, as a matter of conscience, perhaps things would begin to turn.

Maybe the time has arrived, to start thinking about coming out.

Abortion, Are You SURE You Have The Right?

God Wants Us To Go To War!!